Free add-on for MMORPG Conqueror’s Blade will be released in December

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A free add-on called Season X: Highlanders has been announced for the medieval MMORPG Conqueror’s Blade. The update with him will be released on December 21 and will add a fresh campaign, 3 new squads, a new Broch Estry map, a battle pass, events and much more.

The new seasonal campaign will focus on the conquest of Turul Varosh at the end of Season X. Players will have to lead troops through territories, starting from the heart of the Borderlands, the City of Conquerors, and win victories in wars.

As for the units, they include: piper support units (3 stars), giving bonuses to neighboring troops, attacking Claymore Highlanders (4 stars) and Beaters (5 stars) attacking with trained dogs.

Events in honor of Season X: Highlanders have already begun and allow you to get: 30% bonus to the hero’s experience until December 13, 30% to copper coins from December 17 to 20, and rewards for completing special tasks until December 21.

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