Free Fire Battle Royale Gets A Major Update With KO Night Event, Map And More

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Battle Royale for mobile Free Fire has received a massive update with a fresh KO Night event and many innovations.

The event introduces users to Laura and Raphael – former lovers who are not destined to be together due to their belonging to rival organizations. At the first Free Fire fighting tournament called KO Night, they will meet and show what it is like to fight for your beliefs and follow your destiny. There is also a fresh event currency that can be earned in matches and which can later be exchanged for themed cosmetic items.

As for the update, it primarily brought visual improvements to the entire game. Daily tasks, key day activities have changed, login rewards and bonuses from inviting friends have changed. The map “Updated Bermuda” has returned for good.

Now, to increase the level of the character, it will be enough to collect fragments of memories, simply by playing Free Fire. Awakened characters will have the original and Awakened skills combined. The sixth season of the Battle of the Squads has become available, a new character, an updated mechanic for reviving allies, and the balance of heroes and weapons has been improved.

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