Fresh Foundation Patch and MMORPG EVE Online 18th Anniversary Celebration

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CCP Games has unveiled a fresh Foundation patch for MMORPG EVE Online, which will be released on May 4th. The update is dedicated to the four empires of New Eden and will open up new stories, conflicts, and also launch special events. In other words, players will have ways to dive deeper into the plot and mechanics of the game.

Also, the developers of CCP Games talked about the celebrations in honor of the 18th anniversary of the game. The festive event will start on May 6 and will last for 12 days. During this period, players will have the opportunity to take part in in-game activities, time-limited trials, and of course, players will be able to receive various rewards for participating.

EVE Online is approaching its twentieth anniversary and it looks like this milestone will be reached without too much difficulty, as the game continues to be popular among its fans. More information about the update on the official website of the game.

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