Fresh trailer and details of the map Deston for “Royal battle” PUBG: Battlegrounds

Recently, the creators of PUBG: Battlegrounds Battle Royale held a live stream where they shared the details of the new Deston map. On July 12, a major update will be released, which introduces an 8 by 8 km location called Deston. This map will include several interesting mechanics that were not previously in PUBG:

  • Special ropes for fast ascent to skyscrapers
  • A new type of transport in the form of an airboat
  • Parachute that opens every time you jump from tall buildings

Also, the authors have provided a separate web page for Deston, where you can see a small interactive map and its key points. Below is a fresh trailer with views of the territory of the new location:

DESTON World Art Trailer | PUBG

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