Fresh trailer for the raid on Avrelsud for Lost Ark

On the official YouTube channel “Lost Ark Russia” a fresh trailer for the new raid on Avrelsud has been released, which became available with the latest update for Lost Ark. The players will have to gather in a team of 8 people in order to fight the cold-blooded Lord Fetrania.

“Avrelsud is prudent and insidious, and therefore extremely dangerous. Be careful when meeting her – Avrelsud always hides his true motives behind a veil of illusion. At the heart of magic is a distortion of reality, which allows you to take possession of the mind and subjugate almost anyone to your will, ”the description says.

Before you go on a raid on Avrelsud, you can familiarize yourself with a whole article on the topic of this activity, where there is all the detailed information for a more effective confrontation with the Lord.

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