Frontier releases Elite Dangerous roadmap for 2022

The developers of the multiplayer space simulator Elite Dangerous have published a roadmap for 2022, including general information about the plans.

In general, the attention of the authors is focused on the content and expansion of the narrative. Three major content updates are planned, the first of which, number 12, will be released this month and will include new missions, as well as patches with improved optimization. Update 13 is scheduled for August with more story changes, while Update 14 will be released in November 2022 and looks set to include the final part of the year arc.

Of the unique features, Frontier will add the ability to copy account data from consoles to PC once. This decision is due to the cessation of updates on consoles and focusing only on personal computers.

Additionally, the authors want to change the approach to the release of updates: monthly development reports will be replaced by detailed patch notes immediately after the release of the patches. Streams are also expected from the developers on Thursdays every two weeks.

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