Frontiers with plans for the future

Shortly before the start of the early access stage of the multiplayer third-person shooter War Robots: Frontiers, the developers shared a roadmap. It talks about upcoming patches and the release of the game on other platforms.

Early access to War Robots: Frontiers will open on November 24th. In December and the first quarter of 2023, patches with new robots, weapons, ability modules and various improvements are waiting for us, and by the end of the second quarter they promise to add a full-fledged mode and a new map. Other updates will also be released throughout 2023, about which there are no details yet.

Regarding the console version of War Robots: Frontiers, beta testing will start before the end of 2023. In the same year, open beta testing on PC and consoles should begin, and everyone will be able to evaluate the game.

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