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Frozen Flame Survival Sim Gets Dragongrove Keeper Update

The authors of the survival simulator Frozen Flame introduced a major update that brought a lot of innovations, and its name is the Guardian of the Dragon Grove. Adventurers can gather their strength and go to the new zone “Golem’s Hollow”. As the name suggests, the said territory is inhabited by a previously unseen monster, namely the Golem, which is rewarded with an upgrade station recipe that can be researched in future updates.

Also, players have access to a new type of weapon – a spear. Before proceeding with its creation, you need to go to Kostyash or the Blacksmith in order to purchase a special drawing. The spear is available in three types: stone, bone and metal. In addition, you can now craft special potions for yourself that provide short-term protection against negative effects: poison, fire, and cold.

Among other things, in the Dragon Grove you can find five previously unexplored small islands where adventurers can justify their life. Among them there are three medium and two small islands, where you can find two new rituals.

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