FurMark download torrent For PC

FurMark download torrent For PC FurMark download torrent For PC

FurMark download torrent

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FurMark download torrent of a productive program that tests video cards. If you want to know the system load on the video card, its power consumption, the quality of the graphic image and other additional parameters, then install the program and start arranging stress tests. The program is extremely simple and intuitive. Any beginner can handle it, but not every user will be able to properly understand the nuances of the application.

Program features

The latest version of FurMark is quite updated and is a powerful, versatile product that can tell you everything and more about your graphics card. Conduct stress tests, performance tests for any graphics cards on the Windows platform (32 and 64 bits). Overclock your video card and watch the indicators of stability, energy efficiency. With this application, you can understand all the nuances of your media, learn about its advantages and problem areas. Please note that these tests should only be performed on desktop computers. Unwanted overlocking can happen on laptops, so before conducting such tests, you need to make sure that all the hardware of a laptop or even a netbook is fully operational. Otherwise, the consequences may be irreversible. In tandem with this program, other similar ones work, which control the temperature of the video card. Together, everything gives a result, but separately this program is quite in demand. Choose the time when to conduct the test, set the necessary parameters, or leave everything by default. After the test is done, you will know what your graphics card is worth. It will show screen smoothing, filtering (2x, 4x, 8x), video card stability parameters, cooling, etc. If suddenly your video card gets very hot, then you should definitely do a stress test. Once testing has begun, you can stop this process at any time. The application works with current and modern video cards from Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and the outdated S3. You need to make sure that their chips support the OpenGL 2.0 API technology. Download the FurMark torrent and start improving your computer right now.

Software processes

The interface of the program is quite simple. It is very easy to understand even for a beginner. To understand the application, no additional skills are needed. Everything is painted extremely simply, you just need to select the desired settings for the test and run it. After starting, you can not wait for it to finish, but turn it off in advance. Unfortunately, there is no Russian language in the program, but even without it, everything becomes clear on an intuitive level. This software is needed for those users who play games, performing a constant load on the video card. Here the concept of overclocking is very clear. When you understand what maximum operating values ​​a graphics card can have, you can determine which games are playable and which are not. The overclocking of the video adapter must be monitored very closely and carefully, as unwanted overheating and failure of the media may occur. If during overclocking your system remains stable, the heating indicators are normal, and additional artifacts of the video card are not highlighted, then feel free to continue overclocking.


  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • qualitative stress test;
  • additional testing options;
  • full diagnostics of the video card;
  • screen smoothing;
  • only works on Windows.

Download the FurMark torrent – this is a must do right now if you want to understand the structure of your graphics card.

System requirements

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (x86 / x64)


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