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Gaijin Entertainment to publish PC version of Modern Warships

Gaijin Entertainment has announced a strategic partnership with Artstorm. The first fruit of this cooperation will be the publication of the PC version of the multiplayer action game Modern Warships, previously released on mobile devices.

Modern Warships is a clone of War Thunder, also distributed by Gaijin Entertainment, but offering battles with modern vehicles. For example, among them there are warships equipped with guided missile weapons and futuristic jet aircraft. According to the publisher, the game will be a great addition to their other projects.

“We are excited to work with Artstorm and bring their innovative games to a new audience,” said Anton Yudintsev, founder of Gaijin Entertainment. “Modern Warships will be an important part of our line of online games.”

“Gaijin Entertainment is a leader in the online gaming industry with extensive knowledge of publishing online games similar to Modern Warships and we are thrilled to be working with them,” added Sergey Petrov, Founder of Artstorm. “This partnership will allow Modern Warships to launch on new platforms and reach more players while our team focuses on developing new features and content for the game.”

Modern Warships will be released on PC in 2023, but for now, check out the trailer for the mobile version below.

Modern Warships - New Trailer 2022

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