Gameloft in its repertoire – Sniper Champions released and gamers hate it

Sniper Champions has appeared on smartphones and has already received a portion of the hate. But will that stop Gameloft?

Sniper Champions is a sports game from Gameloft available on mobile phones. In it you have to participate in competitions, upgrade your sniper rifle and defeat your rivals. The developers promise dozens of rifles and dozens of targets. The main thing is to make allowances for wind and target distance. In fact, we take turns shooting with the enemy and trying to get more points.

Sniper Champions is constantly updated, the last time five new locations were added to the game, among them the skyscrapers of Tokyo and the ancient Colosseum. Plus, you can advance through the leagues, for which they give bonuses and rewards. So where can you go without a season pass? And yes, foreign publications report that the matches are asynchronous, that is, they are not held in real time.

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If we talk about the disadvantages, then those who have played complain about the dominance of donation, and the maximum price tag reaches 9 490 rubles… You can be put up against a strong player and he will knock out all the targets. They also talk about the lack of content and daily tasks. It turns out that Gameloft is back in its repertoire.

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