Genshin Impact: Beginner’s Guide

The world of Teyvat is really huge, and during the passage of Genshin Impact you have to explore it “from” and “to” by completing various tasks and quests. We decided to create a guide that includes some tips for beginners to help players start their adventure.

Increasing the level of the character does not affect the development of the plot

Unlike most RPGs, in which completing quests and leveling up a character means progressing through the story, Genshin Impact has a dedicated control system. Firstly, leveling up a character comes down to the usual experience gain (points can be obtained for killing monsters and completing story quests). You can even use special items that give experience points to improve your progress.

However, achieving a high hero level does not matter if the character’s adventure rank is low. In fact, this is a kind of system for limiting progress in the game: if you do not reach the required adventure rank, then this or that quest will simply be unavailable.

Note 1: For more tips on upgrading your hero and increasing your experience, you can read our character leveling guide.

Note 2: Adventure experience points can be earned by exploring the game world, i.e. completing quests, quests, opening chests, etc.

Starting characters and microtransactions

You start as the Traveler (male or female). As you progress through the story, you will meet different characters who can join your party. The first will be Amber, Kaya and Lisa. The last two heroes are pretty good, but Ember seems to have one of the worst skill sets in the game. Thus, the player will collect a decent, but far from the best group.

In addition, it is possible to remove the main character from the group and replace him with another companion that you have found (if the squad consists of five or more characters). In this case, you will still be able to complete the story quests without any problems, since active characters are considered only ordinary “avatars”.

This can encourage the player to make microtransactions, of which Genshin Impact has a lot. They open access to various characters, weapons and resources. However, the basic way to unlock heroes is through Prayers for the Fulfillment of Wishes.

These prayers cost the player Fate, which are purchased through Source Stones, an in-game currency that is accumulated by exploring the game world and completing quests. However, once you run out of gems and feel the need to buy more currency (assuming all other options are also exhausted), spending real money is the only option left. However, it is worth noting that no player is required to make in-app purchases as you can enjoy Genshin Impact without any cash investment.


There are a ton of items available in Genshin Impact, including various sets (called Artifacts). We think the Adventurer and Lucky Dog Artifact Sets are great for early game survival:

  • Adventurer Set: two-piece bonus – increases maximum experience by 1000 points, four-piece bonus – opening a chest restores 30% of maximum health over 30 seconds.
  • Lucky Dog set: two-piece bonus – increases defense by 100 points, four-piece bonus – raising Pestilence restores 300 health points.

Follow the good

The good ones resemble something like a will-o’-the-wisp. In fact, this is a ghostly light blue creature wandering around the game world. Our advice is this: as soon as you see one of these creatures, then immediately follow it until it leads you to a small stone container, where a chest with valuable loot will appear.

Anemoculae and geocules

They are floating items that can be collected. These objects are intended to increase the rank of the Statues of the Seven: anemocules are for pumping statues in the Mondstadt region, and Geocules are in the Li Yue Harbor.

Note that these resources are displayed on the minimap as stars. In addition, they are often hidden in secret or hard-to-reach places.

Statues of the Seven and teleporters

The statues of the Seven that we mentioned in the previous paragraph are scattered all over the map (one in each major region). When interacting with one of them for the first time, you will unlock the map of the entire sector. This mechanic is very similar to the viewpoints in Assassin’s Creed and the towers in Far Cry 3 and 4.

Once unlocked, you can use the collected Anemocules and Geocules to level up the Statue of the Seven (progress is shared among all the statues in a given region). This will increase the hero’s stamina, as well as provide additional resources, currency, and adventure experience.

Note: leveling of the Statues of the Seven is tied to achievements, items and rewards.

In addition, when choosing the “blessing” option, you will be able to restore the health of your characters. But that’s not all, because depending on the element chosen by the main character, you can activate the statue of Seven in another region to switch the effects of the elements.

In addition to the statues of the Seven, teleporters are also available in the game. As you might have guessed, activating them allows you to quickly move from one area of ​​the map to another. In addition, you can also teleport to any statues.

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