Genshin Impact Fischl Available For Free From Honkai Impact 3rd Next Week

MiHoYo has announced the launch date for a crossover event at Honkai Impact 3rd, dedicated to Genshin Impact, the studio’s other game. The event kicks off with the release of Outworld Traveler v4.9, slated for July 9, 2021.

Fischl from Genshin Impact joins the game as an SP combat suit. You can get it for free upon entering the game. Fischl is the first archer in Honkai Impact 3rd, and her gameplay focuses on attacking weak points for increased damage. She can fire fast alongside her trusty feathered Oz and cast QTEs on the battlefield to aid her allies.

In addition to Fischl, another famous character from Genshin Impact, Ke Qing, will appear in the crossover. She will guide players through the story and participate in some of the storyline battles.

★v4.9 [Outworld Traveler] Trailer★ - Honkai Impact 3rd

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