Genshin Impact for PlayStation 5 Review – PS5 Review of Genshin Impact

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A few months after the release, studio miHoYo finally released a native version of Genshin Impact for the PlayStation 5. The owners of this console could play before, but only through backward compatibility without much improvement. Despite the fact that I had a lot of time playing on the PC version, I decided to download the game on the PlayStation 5 and see how it works there. For greater objectivity, I also played with the version of the previous generation for some time. In this review, I will try to tell you about what Genshin Impact is on the PlayStation 5.

Briefly about the game

By tradition, let’s start with a short game itself. I have already shared my impressions of the release version in a separate review, so if you missed it, you can read it if you’re interested. In short, Genshin Impact is a great action RPG adventure game with many different characters, beautiful anime-style graphics and a good storyline. The game is available on PC, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4 and more recently on PlayStation 5. The game is also expected to be released on Nintendo Switch in the future.

The developers of Genshin Impact regularly release major content updates, adding new tasks, characters, enemies and opportunities. For example, patch 1.5 introduced a complete home ownership system. The game did not completely get rid of mobile sores, but it proved that decent projects can be done on phones without auto-combat.


In fact, it is quite difficult to assess the changes in the graphics of Genshin Impact due to the anime visual style chosen by the developers. The game looks beautiful on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, so you can only see the differences on closer inspection.

In general, the picture is really a little nicer and closer to the PC version, and the increased drawing distance will allow you to see more details at a distance. If you have an HDR monitor or TV, you can enjoy even richer colors. However, you shouldn’t count on any new technologies, like ray tracing. However, the developers have already promised to improve graphics and performance on the PS5 in the future, so the current version cannot be called final.

Download speed

After impressive results in other PlayStation 5 games, there was no doubt about the download speed of Genshin Impact. Expectations were fully justified – downloads became much faster. You can teleport long distances in less than a couple of seconds, and various kinds of instances, such as buildings and dungeons, load in about 3 seconds. It’s even faster than on my PC with an SSD, not to mention the old PS4. According to the developers, they created a graphics library from scratch, and also customized the file upload system to realize the full potential of the powerful SSD.

Features of the Dualsence gamepad

The PlayStation 5 controller’s capabilities are kept to a minimum in Genshin Impact, so don’t expect drastic changes. Nevertheless, the innovations complement the gaming experience nicely, giving a pleasant sensation from various actions. For example, when you walk past a small tree, you may feel a tactile feedback. During the flight, you literally feel the wind resistance, and the direction of travel also affects this. Climbing the walls is also accompanied by light tapping.

However, the resistance of the hammers is not used in any way in the combat system, including when pulling the bowstring. Perhaps this was done on purpose so as not to distract the players, but at least such an option, which can be disabled if desired, would not hurt. Personally, I really like this effect, and I was very disappointed in its absence.

Activity cards

There are not many possibilities involved with activity cards by the creators of Genshin Impact. While in the game, you can open the console menu and see the progress of the current task as a percentage. By clicking on the “Continue” button (square), the quest log with the selected task will open.

If your game is not running and you have chosen “Continue” through the cards, then the game will open in the usual mode, with the exception of one small difference. You just don’t need to click on the “Start Game” button on the gate login screen, as this will happen automatically. Oh yes, and after entering for some reason, the quest log will immediately open.


Genshin Impact received a “regular” update for the PlayStation 5. It slightly tweaked the graphics, accelerated downloads and added some gamepad features. In general, it did everything that you can expect from a free update. Although the game did not make a big leap to the new generation, it definitely became better than on the PlayStation 4, and in some ways even better than on the PC.

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