Genshin Impact Guide: Adventure Rank, Guilds and Books

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Leveling up your characters and entire squad in Genshin Impact isn’t the only thing to focus on as you progress through the game, as it’s important to keep the Adventurer Rank, Adventurer’s Guild rewards, and quests in mind. And we have created a special guide that will help with this.

As we mentioned in our beginner’s guide, adventure rank has nothing to do with the character level and experience you earn while playing Genshin Impact. It rises through your… adventures.

The bottom line is that you have to explore the game world “from” and “to” – open teleports, interact with the Statues of the Seven, complete story and side quests, open treasure chests and the like. As you earn Adventure Points, you increase your rank, which will then unlock additional features and mechanics in the future.

Adventurer’s Guild

The Adventurer’s Guild (marked with a compass icon in Mondstadt and Li Yue Harbor) has an NPC that grants rewards to the player whenever you rank up the Adventurer. You can see an example in the image above.

At adventure level 14, the guild will provide special quests, which are daily quests in Genshin Impact. They are marked with a purple crystal on the map and all you have to do is head there and complete all the requirements.

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The missions themselves aren’t too difficult: some require you to find an item, others require you to kill 5/5 of the enemies in an area. As soon as all four assignments are completed, you need to return to the guild and receive a reward.

It is also worth remembering that all quests appear daily at the same time, which depends on the specific time zone depending on the server/region you selected when starting Genshin Impact:

  • North American server – 4am GMT-5
  • European server – 4am GMT+1
  • Asian server – 4am GMT+8

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In addition, upon reaching Adventure Rank 14, you will be able to send characters on expeditions, which are regular side missions that do not involve the player himself. You just need to choose a hero (preferably one that has a bonus, or one that you do not use), and then go about your business and wait until he returns with rewards.

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co-op mode

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At Adventure Rank 16, you will unlock the co-op game mode. It allows you to invite or join other users’ games. Its essence is as follows:

  • Co-op mode shows players of your level (approximately, there may be a difference of several levels).
  • Cross-platform play is possible, including mobile phones and consoles. However, players must be on the same regional server.
  • There can be up to four players in one cooperative group. If there are only two players, then both get two characters. If there are three of them, then the leader controls two heroes, while the rest – one at a time.

Exploring the game world of Genshin Impact with friends is a truly fun experience. However, it is worth remembering that only a few actions are available for playing together. These include the aforementioned quests, as well as activating ley lines, exploring abyssal areas, and boss fights. The rest are either completely blocked or available only to the host.

For example, during co-op, story quests are completely inaccessible, which prevents any progression of the story. This is correct, since several recent titles (Wasteland 3 and Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris) had problems with the passage of the campaign just because of the co-op mode.

Also, not everyone can use the shops, and chests can only be opened by the lobby host. As for the Statue of the Seven, all players are able to heal their character.

Adventurer’s Book

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This feature appears early in Genshin Impact and can be accessed from the menu. There are several tasks to be completed. Examples include opening multiple chests, activating teleports, defeating specific enemies, cooking, upgrading an item, etc.

You can earn a lot of great rewards, such as Hero’s Wits upgrade material, Shrine of the Deep Key, gold, and other items. In addition, each completed mission earns 100 adventure experience points. If you complete all the tasks in the “chapter”, you will receive the remaining rewards, which are displayed on the left side of the screen. After that, the rewards of the next “chapter” will be shown.

The book also has additional tabs where you can see quests, areas (such as the abyss area and other open world locations), and bosses. Completing these tasks will also bring rewards.

Note. On the “bosses” tab, you will see a moon symbol. This is the original resin – an in-game currency that allows you to open chests after completing all the required actions. Resin tends to run out, but it also recovers over time. Similarly, you can use source stones to restore the original resin.

Reaching Adventure Rank 20, World Tiers and Battle Pass

The goal to aim for while playing through Genshin Impact is to reach Adventure Rank 20. This will unlock Barbara as a free character. In addition, level 20 unlocks the Spiral Abyss dungeon. If you reach the third room on the third floor, you will unlock Xiangling, another character. Details about all the heroes can be found in our guide.

Finally, upon reaching the rank, you will unlock the battle pass. As in the case of the book, there are several tasks to complete, for which rewards are based.

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