Genshin Impact Guide: Earth arteries, dungeons, resin

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Exploring the game world of Genshin Impact, you will absolutely stumble upon the arteries of the earth. A little later, players will have to fight elite bosses and explore dungeons. All these actions are similar in the sense that they consume the original resin (energy). Our guide will help you understand all these aspects of Genshin Impact gameplay.

Primordial Resin is a resource that you need to keep an eye on while playing through the game. By default, the maximum amount of resin is 120 units. Inventory decreases if you complete the following actions, thanks to which you will receive rewards:

  • Dungeons – twenty
  • Arteries of the earth – twenty
  • Elite Bosses – 40
  • Weekly Bosses – 60

Note 1: All activities can be started even if you don’t have enough virgin resin. However, in this case, you will not receive a reward.

Note 2: You receive a unit of primordial resin every eight minutes. You can also use a consumable to immediately replenish 60 units. In addition, you can spend source stones, which is available up to six times a day. A new game day begins at 6 am Moscow time.

Arteries of the earth

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Earth Arteries are sprouts located on the map that can be activated to summon bosses. They are scattered all over the world map. You will notice round icons, and clicking on one of them reveals the possible rewards: for example, several booklets to increase the level of the character, or 20,000 coins.

Most often, this action involves a simple destruction of the mobs that appear. After completion, you need to interact with the sprout to receive a reward.

Note: Interacting with sprouts is actually a great way to rank up adventures. For each completed action, you get 100 experience points. At full Resin (120), you can complete six of them (600 XP in total).


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They can be found throughout the Genshin Impact game world map (marked with a diamond icon). Some dungeons are locked, and you have to solve a simple puzzle to open them – usually with element switches or floating Seelie. Once completed, they will all become regular fast travel points.

Note: As the adventure ranks up, you unlock higher difficulty levels for each dungeon. You can also check the possible rewards as they may change depending on the day.

Elite Bosses

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Elite bosses are extremely deadly enemies that can be found in certain areas of the map.

For example, there is the Cryo Fern, a giant plant that shoots ice beams at the player. He looks like a boss that you had to fight in one of the story quests in the earlier stages of the game.

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There is also Electro Hypostasis. It is a cube, which from time to time transforms into various objects. It can transform into a drill, a fist, a laser gun, and even a creature capable of shooting “Tetris blocks”.

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However, Electro Hypostasis becomes vulnerable between transformations (that is, when returning to the cube. Deal damage at this point and wait for the next transformation.

When the boss is low on health, it will split into three separate cubes that must be destroyed. Otherwise, the enemy will recover some HP and resume their attacks. You have to destroy the remaining cubes after you reduce them to a critical level of health again.

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