Genshin Impact Guide: Micropayments, Prayers, and In-Game Currencies

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However, there will be moments when the gameplay becomes too boring and monotonous. If you ever want to spend real money, then here is our guide to prayers, microtransactions and in-game currencies to help you sort it all out.

Microtransaction Store

Mora (gold). By itself, gold is a common game currency that can be easily obtained in various ways while exploring the world. In addition, gold can be purchased at the gift shop or microtransaction store, but you should not spend money on this alone.

source stones – can be obtained during the normal passage of the game, for example, during quests, unlocking teleporters, challenges, achievements and much more. In fact, when you perform standard actions, you will definitely get source stones.

Creation Crystals is the premium currency in Genshin Impact. By purchasing a certain set, you get a one-time bonus in the form of additional crystals. If you want to turn them into source stones, then the exchange rate will be 1:1. However, given that Source Stones are regular currency, they cannot be converted into Genesis Crystals.

Souvenir shop and recommended products

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Blessing of the hollow moon (379 rubles) – Can only be purchased with real money, not Source Stones or Creation Crystals. This means that even if you purchased a Genesis Crystal set, you still have to invest real money. The blessing grants 300 Creation Crystals immediately and 90 Source Stones daily. The buff is valid for 30 days.

Journey Start Kit and Long Journey Kit – provide multiple booster items (e.g. for leveling up or crafting) and you are limited to one purchase per week. The Far Travel Pack is more valuable as it contains 50 Hero XP. One use of Hero Experience grants the player 20,000 experience. This is a very fast way to level up characters.

CBT Shop

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There are several items in this sub-menu that can be purchased with Source Stones, Starlight, and Stardust. The main subjects here are intertwined fates and fateful encounters, the currency used for Prayers. Each Destiny Currency requires 160 Source Stones (or 160 Genesis Crystals once purchased and transmuted). Remember that there are various ways to get Intertwined Fates and Fateful Encounters (eg adventure rank, mail, quest rewards, etc.).

Other items that can be traded include weapons, accessories, upgrade materials, and gold. However, do not worry about it – at the initial stage of the passage, only intertwining destinies and fateful meetings are important.


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Prayer is essentially the “gacha” mechanic of Genshin Impact. They are completely based on random generation, and you can either be lucky or vice versa: you will never get what you want until you make dozens of attempts.

There are several different types of prayers. These categories, commonly known as banners, have different potential rewards. Sometimes they are dedicated to a certain thing or built around some recently added character:

  • Beginner’s Prayer – designed for those who have just started playing Genshin Impact. There is a small discount on Intertwining Fates (Blue Orbs), and the first time you use 10 Prayers, you will receive the character Noel (Intermediate). Using 10 more prayers will guarantee a 4-star character or item drop.
  • limited banner – Lasts for several days and costs one unit of “Intertwined Fates” (pink spheres).
  • standard banner – is always present. Prayer requires a currency called “Fateful Encounters” or 160 Sourcestones, which can be obtained for real money or in-game activities.

Note: at the bottom of the menu there is a button, by clicking on which you can instantly pray 10 times. This is a good option, as every 10 prayers will guarantee a 4-star item drop. We remind you that this is much more expensive.

We suggest checking the details of each type of prayer in advance in order to know the drop rate, as well as loot. A great example is the Ballad of Cups, which has a high chance of getting characters like Venty, Fischl, Xiang Ling, and Barbara.

Similarly, this Prayer has six 5-star characters that can be obtained with a 1.6% chance, and 29 four-star rewards such as weapons and characters (13% guaranteed). There are also 3-star weapons.

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Meanwhile, Incarnation of the Divine gives a high chance of getting two 5-star weapons (Bow of Amos and Sword of the Falcon). And finally, “Wanderlust”, which seems a bit dubious to invest in. There are 11 5-star rewards, characters and weapons (with a drop guarantee of only 1.6%) and a couple of dozen 4-star rewards (with a guarantee of 13%). With more loot and a low warranty, you probably won’t get what you want.

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In any case, if you don’t have enough money (or destinies), the Ballad of Cups is the best option. The aforementioned characters – Venti, Fischl, Xiangling and Barbara – whose drop rate is quite high, are quite good. In addition, you still have a chance to get Dilyuk, the most powerful hero in the game.

Note: If you do not have enough Source Stones, but a lot of Genesis Crystals, then there is an option to automatically convert them in a 1:1 ratio by clicking the Pray/Spend Destiny button in the lower right corner of the menu.


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Star Glitter and Stardust are currencies that can be obtained from Prayers. For example, the 4-star weapons from Ballad of Cups and Incarnation of the Divine yield a small amount of Star Glitter and Stardust, respectively. Likewise, if you earn duplicate items – not just for a specific Prayer, but for all attempts – you’ll also get Star Glitter and Stardust.

Stella Fortuna – this currency can be obtained by dropping identical characters from Prayers. Stella Fortune is used in the Hero Menu to unlock the Constellation. Traveler currency can also be obtained as rewards from main quests or from the gift shop.

Battle Pass

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The Genshin Impact Battle Pass is completely free and unlocks when you reach Adventure Rank 20. It offers several tasks to complete, which will earn you a promotion in the rank of the battle pass. Each rank has great rewards such as gold, crafting materials, and Hero Experience booklets. However, there are two more microtransactions that can be purchased:

  • Pearl Anthem ($10) – Allows you to get another row of rewards if you have reached the required Battle Pass rank. There is also a unique weapon that can be obtained when you reach level 30.
  • pearl choir ($20) – It has everything the Pearl Anthem has to offer, plus a cool business card and five units of resin source. Likewise, it immediately upgrades the player to rank 10 of the Battle Pass.

Note: You can also purchase a Battle Pass Rank Up for 150 Source Stones per level.

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