Genshin Impact: How to Defeat Storm Terror

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Dwalin the Dragon, one of the original bosses of Genshin Impact, is known as the Tempest Dread, all because of the incessant currents of rage in the Mondstadt region. You will have to fight the creature as part of the main story quest, but first you need to reach the 18th adventure rank. Once you’ve done that, just follow the instructions to get to the dragon’s lair. Since difficulties may arise during the passage of the first leader, we have created a guide that will definitely help you figure it out.

Upon arrival at the Stormterror Lair, you will see a temple surrounded by a magical barrier. You won’t be able to get through it, so you’ll have to bypass it. Follow the currents of the wind and climb up until you reach the inner sanctuary of the temple.

Then you need to pick up the floating crystals, which activates the switch. Once you can do that, you will see three additional switches scattered throughout the area. Each switch also requires three crystals.

There are several enemies in this area, but dealing with them will not bring any difficulty. Ideally, however, your character’s level should be somewhere around 25-30, which will greatly speed up the progression. If you want to improve your character, then check out our guide to leveling up your character.

Once you activate all three switches, the temple barrier will disappear. Now you can fight Dwalin. The game warns that this is a level 26 boss fight, so be prepared – the task is not the easiest.

First phase

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The first phase of the fight with Dwalin in Genshin Impact is a regular firefight. Your goal is to chase the dragon and shoot crystals at its back. Once you deal about a third of the damage, the boss will start shooting countless purple orbs at the player. They do little damage, but you have to be extremely careful and avoid them, which is pretty easy since they fly in a predictable manner.

As for the controls, use the “W” and “S” keys to move up or down, “A” and “D” to move sideways.

Note: The playable character in the skirmish is the Traveler. If you excluded a character from the squad at the very beginning, then you should at least level him up a little, since they will have to play anyway.

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After that, anemo crystals will appear behind the dragon from time to time. You have to destroy them, and then fly through the green sphere to increase the Traveler’s speed. After passing through five rings, you will again be quite close to the boss.

Repeat these steps until the crystals on Dwalin’s back are destroyed. On this, the first phase ends, and the real fight begins.

Second phase

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At this stage, you get the opportunity to control the selected members of the squad. You will notice several platforms around the arena, in the center of which is the dragon himself.

Note: Storm Terror has a health bar (red) and an armor bar (gray). Only characters with bows (Venty, Fishl, Ember) will be useful in this fight as they can destroy the armor when the boss gets close.

Dwalin Attacks:

  • Dragon breath The Storm Terror throws its head back and then fires a blast of fire from one side of the platform to the other. To save yourself, you need to run away in the opposite direction, or use the orb/wind flow to hover over the area of ​​effect of the attack.
  • pulse bomb – The dragon will try to blow up the player with multiple pulse bombs. They explode on the dark circles that appear on the platform, so try to avoid them.
  • Bite – The boss will periodically retreat and strike at the area where your character is located.
  • Flight – If Dwalin disappears from view, he will suddenly jump right to the center of the platform, dealing huge damage if you do not have time to react.
  • Ultimate attack – Storm Terror, rising high above the arena, will drop several pulse bombs on the platform.

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The platform the player is standing on will be lit up with blue flames. It deals roughly 250-350 damage every few seconds and will likely kill characters. Thus, you need to use the flow of balls / wind to get to the next platform.

Everything will be fine as long as the zone is free. If you see blue flames again, move to the nearest safe platform.

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The bottom line is to deal damage to the boss when he is around. You can do this whenever he attacks with Dragon Breath as the skill animation takes a long time. Once the armor is completely destroyed, you can lower Dvalin’s base health.

Storm Terror will be temporarily disabled, and another crystal will appear behind his neck. At this time, characters shooting with a bow can easily deal damage.

Note 1: If you want to use arrows, then move to the side or back, if necessary, until you can hit the crystal.

Note 2: Similarly, you can climb right on the dragon’s neck or use the wind currents nearby to jump on it.

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After a few seconds, Dwalin will fly away and you will need to repeat the above steps until he falls to the ground. Towards the end, the “safe” platforms can run out, so just try to get things done quickly while still conserving the bow characters’ HP through food and healing.

Once the health bar reaches zero, the Genshin Impact boss fight will end. Enjoy the cut-scene.

You can fight the dragon again later using “memories” and even get cool rewards for doing so. However, you must reach at least Adventure Rank 25 to do so. The boss’s attacks will also become stronger, so you should level up your squad.

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