Genshin Impact Major Update 1.5 Released With Home Ownership System, Characters, and Quests

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Genshin Impact players now have the opportunity to customize their own home. In update 1.5 “In the Radiance of Jade”, the developers added the Kettle of Serenity, which transports to a separate area that can be customized as you wish.

As new furniture is placed, the level of trust in the spirit of the teapot increases, allowing new features to be unlocked or different rewards to be earned. The power level of the Adepts also increases, thereby increasing the volume of production in the monastery. Furniture materials can be found in a variety of ways throughout Teiwat. Alternatively, you can visit your friends to help them cut down on the furniture making time.

The update added two new characters that can be obtained in a special banner with an increased chance: Eola (Cryo) 5 ★ and Yan Fei (Pyro) 4 ★. Several new story missions have appeared. A huge number of gameplay improvements and fixes have been made. Also, the developers have added new equipment, a new dungeon and new monsters.

Together with the release of the update, Genshin Impact became available on PlayStation 5. The version for the next generation of consoles boasts higher resolution, improved visual effects and faster loading.

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