Genshin Impact Official Interactive Map with Rich Functionality Released

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During the early stages of the CBT, fans released the first interactive map, Genshin Impact, and after a while others began to appear. Each of them has different advantages, but all are convenient in one – they allow you to track the progress of achieving various goals.

The developers from the miHoYo studio, albeit with a great delay, made their own multifunctional interactive map, which is available at this link. As with the fan-made versions, you will be able to track the collection of oculus, with each tag accompanied by a small video showing exactly where the target is hidden.

However, this is far from the only function of the interactive map. It also allows you to find tombs, teleports, heat sources, chests, plants, resources, ore, monsters, world quests, viewpoints, books, recipes, geo seals, riddles, artifacts, and more. Considering that the service was created by the developers themselves, they will probably update it in a timely manner.

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