Genshin Impact Patch 2.0 Available Now, Travelers Explore Inazuma

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The publisher miHoYo has uploaded patch 2.0 to the Genshin Impact servers. This is a new page in the history of Teiwat, because a new continent, Inazuma, has been added to the game. We talked in detail about the features of the update here. In short, Electro Archon is waiting for us with its tasks, new characters (guide to Ayaku Kamisato) and more difficult bosses compared to the “vanilla” version. Along with that, the Thunderstorm Footprints event kicks off tomorrow, which will help you earn points for the Battle Pass. This requires Adventure Rank 30+. During the test, players will need to get to the finish line in the allotted time; on the way it is necessary to collect Electro-spheres, which help not to fall. Read more here

By the way, for those. work is given to travelers by 300 stones of the source. Not so long ago, we released a fresh pack of promotional codes, but it’s better to subscribe and wait for new ones, since miHoYo releases time-limited codes.

In the new patch, several dungeons were added, which open after reaching rank 30+. In general, the content is blocked for beginners, so hurry up to pump.

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