Genshin Impact Update 2.3 Released With New Content And Events

For the popular adventure Action RPG Genshin Impact, a major update 2.3 “White Dust and Snow Shadow” has been released. Traditionally, it added a lot of new content and launched several events. Below is a short list of the main innovations:

  • New characters – Arataki Itto (Geo) 5 ★ and Goro (Geo) ★ 4 [будут доступны позже]
  • New Dungeon of Blessing – “The Slumbering Garden”
  • New weapons – Cinnabar Spindle (One-handed) 4 ★ and Redhorn Stonecutter (Two-handed) 5 ★
  • New artifacts – Cocoon of Sweet Dreams (4 ★ -5 ★) and Shellfish of Marine Colors (4 ★ -5 ★)
  • New Event – “White Dust and Snow Shadow”
  • New tasks of legends – Arataki Itto “Heavenly Bull. Chapter I: The Golden Soul of Moni “
  • New Meetings – Goro and Bei Dou
  • New Tool – Omnipresent Web [позволяет поймать в открытом мире сущность маленького животного, а после воссоздать его форму и поместить в Чайник безмятежности]
  • New enemy – Lord of the Rip wolves
  • Numerous gameplay changes.
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A repeat Prayer with Albedo is now available in the Genshin Impact, in which you can also receive the Rosary, Noel and Bennett.

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