Genshin Impact vs. Tower of Fantasy: Similar Games Comparison

Hello gamers and channel viewers AppTime Media… This time we have not a simple video, because we need to compare two cool games: Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy. I will say right away that there will be no mercy and I will try to throw mud at or refine both projects. Let me remind you that one of them is celebrating the first anniversary, and the second is undergoing tests in China, although they are already shouting from every iron that it is Genshin’s killer. Is it really? We’ll find out now.


Character customization

Genshin Impact has about 40 heroes for every taste. They have their own character, their own appearance and a complete biography, including their favorite food. Also in patch 1.6, a couple of summer skins were added to the game, and in order not to greatly upset the fan base, you can buy beautiful wings. This ends the customization in Genshin, but look at the Tower of Fantasy. You are given to create a hero by choosing the desired gender and appearance. There are different skins too, and some of them shout outright: “16+”.

Breakdown into classes and weapons

Now let’s talk about the classes that came from the classic RPGs. This system is in Genshin, where you need to separately download each character with their own elements and weapons. But the world does not stand still and Asian developers have thought of a hybrid class system. For example, do you want to become a warrior? Take your sword and go. In this case, you can switch to the shooter, there would be a weapon in your inventory.

I’ll tell you this, the Waifu in the Tower of Fantasy run around with huge guns. They have both physical and elemental damage, as we saw in Genshin. But the types of weapons are dofig: two blades, a staff, a hammer, a bow, a spear, a scythe, a machine gun, a pistol, a katana, and so on. Moreover, each type has its own dodge and dash animations, as well as its own passives with active skills. You can even make a turret out of your cannon and sit behind it to inject huge AoE damage into the boss. Plus, you can take off for a short time and hit in the air, although this is a waste of energy.

Combat system

In combat, everything is not so simple: in Genshin you switch between heroes, each of whom has its own role and element. In Tower of Fantasy, tactics are completely different: you have only one hero at your disposal, but with three weapon slots. These are damage dealing, breaking armor and heal with buffs. It is these weapons, not the characters, that need to be combined, plus it is ideal to dodge to slow down time. Opponents are more aggressive in Tower of Fantasy, because of this, even weak mobs will chase you.

Social aspects

World exploration

In Tower of Fantasy, you can slide on the ground, just like in the last Zelda. At the same time, the study of the world is no different from Genshin, and sometimes even worse. You see, Genshin Impact is a solo project where you can walk together in dungeons and invite you to your home. The rest of the time you search for chests, find materials for crafts and pass challenges.

But in Tower of Fantasy, the emphasis is on the MMO aspects. For example, do you want a cool reward from that chest? First go through the dungeon, otherwise you will get pennies. Do you see that chest over there? Yes, but I won’t give it up because you have a dockatthere are no cops. Just kidding, you just need to call two more players so that the three of us stand on the plates and open the chest. The funny thing about Tower of Fantasy is that it has a surfboard and a real motorcycle, just like Kojima in Death Stranding. You can also jump on it and transport your friends. Well, the cherry on the cake is a jetpack.

PvP and PvE

Tower of Fantasy has a PvP arena. In the beta test, it was not particularly used, but its presence already gives hope. The beauty of this project is that you are beating a large boss alone, and then another player runs up and starts helping. Also, the level of enemies rises simultaneously with yours. A variety of events are used for grinding, which are updated daily. These are co-op dungeons and the very same PvP arenas. But if you need more social features, then please: friends, squad, guild and players’ houses. Each gamer is given a private island, which takes 24 hours to build.

Now hold on, Genshin, now I’ll go over you with a roller. Look, we are getting a huge world, which is getting bigger with each patch. But what can you do together in it? For example, joint photos and chatting. Of course, there are also world bosses, for which all players will receive rewards. But for the “cooperative” daily materials will be given only to the host. And yes, fans of Genshin, I know that together you can still search for treasures, complete world quests, and so on, but for this you must have friends. That is, random and introverts are not allowed to enter.

Genshin impact
Tower of fantasy


Now let’s talk about what everyone was waiting for – monetization. I’ll start with Tower of Fantasy, where you can buy loot boxes with weapons. It varies in rarity, which affects additional effects. For example, your hits will double your damage to the enemy. The developers also added banners, through them we get … drum roll … characters. So, wait, in Tower of Fantasy we create our own hero and even customize him. Yes, that’s right, but you can knock out a rare skin of some anime waifu with fox ears. The trick is that this is not only a visual, but also a buff of specific stats.

There is no PvP in Genshin Impact, so knocking out 5-star heroes and pumping to Rank 60 does not provide an advantage. Nevertheless, I will say that the premium currency are primohems, promotional codes for which we post every month on the AppTime website. You get the Stones of the Source not only for donating, but also for completing daily routines or participating in events. Yes, people complain about the low chance of dropping waifu, but, again, this does not affect the gameplay in any way.


Well, here we come to the finish line. It turns out that Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy are two different games. If the first attracts with its lamp-like character and history, then the second is more about competitions and knocking out top gear. My opinion is that if miHoYo adds more social features to Genshin, then I will not crawl out of it. But this is unlikely to happen, so as soon as Tower of Fantasy comes out, we will immediately record a video and review on it. So subscribe to the channel, like it and turn on the Waiting mode. See you later!

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