Genshin Impact: What you need to know about the Moon Kingdom event?

From September 10th, the “Moon Kingdom” event will begin in Genshin Impact. It is associated with fishing, and for participating in it, players will receive many prizes, from the Stones of the Source to an exclusive fishing rod.

From September 10 to September 20, the “Moon Kingdom” event will be held at Genshin Impact. To participate in it, you will need Adventure Rank 30 or higher, as well as completing the Archons’ quest “Escape from Rito Island”. During the event, players will find the Lunar Leviathan. Before that, you need to go through a series of fishing training sessions. Event stages open in turns during the first 7 days.

The training is as follows: you need to catch a certain amount of fish in the allotted time. The better the result, the richer the reward. Special training locations are indicated on the map in the form of a leviathan. Just keep in mind that you can catch no more than 50 fish of each species in training ponds per day. Now let’s look at the awards:

  • Source Stones
  • Exclusive fishing rod “Moon Thread”
  • Mysterious decorative fish
  • Hero experience
  • Sacred oil
  • Enhancement Magic Ore
  • Mora

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