Genshin Impact’s Yan Fei Guide: Ascension, Talents and Top Build

Publisher miHoYo announced patch 1.5 for Genshin Impact. It will be released at the end of April, which means that in a few weeks we will have new characters. Among them – hot Yan Fei… This is a 4-star character that will help Pyro players with skills.

general information

Yan Fei is a legal advisor at Li Yue’s Fire Harbor. She runs with a catalyst, the blood of the Enlightened Beast flows in her veins. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no more information about her background.

Yan Fei’s active talents

  • Approval stamp (normal attack) – shoots fireballs and stacks Pyro damage. Also, Yan Fei receives a maximum of three Crimson Seals; they reduce the amount of stamina consumed
  • Approval stamp (Charged Attack) – Consumes stamina and all Crimson Seals, dealing AoE damage. Damage and area of ​​effect depend on the number of seals
  • Signed decree – Summons a flame that deals AoE damage. For a hit, Yan Fei will receive the maximum number of seals.
  • The concluded deal – Summons a huge flame that tends to the nearest enemies; deals AoE damage. Yan Fei receives maximum seals, as well as the Superiority buff. It increases damage from charged attacks, but the effect disappears when Fay leaves the battlefield

Yan Fei’s passive talents

  • Encyclopedic expertise – Indicates on the minimap the location of resources unique to Li Yue Harbor
  • Reservation – if Fay spends seals on charged attacks, then her bonus to Pyro damage is increased by 5% for each Crimson seal. The effect lasts six seconds
  • Flaming eye – if Fay’s charged attack deals critical damage, then in addition, opponents receive AoE Pyro damage equal to 80% of her attack. This area attack is considered charged.

Top build for Yan Fei

From the above, we can see that Yan Fei is a tough dd with area damage. She needs to pump critical damage and Pyro attacks. Let’s see what top items for the fire girl can be collected:

  • Top weapons: Montenegrin Agate is a 4-star catalyst. If pumped, it increases base attack by 510, and critical damage by 55.1%. Passive ability increases attack power by 12% after killing an enemy. This effect stacks up to three times. Can be purchased at the Paimon store
  • Best Artifact: Burning Scarlet Witch – Two items increase Pyro’s damage by 15%. A full set increases Overload and Burn damage by 40%, and Melt and Steam damage by 15%. Increases Pyro’s damage by approximately 22% for 10 seconds. Found in Wuwan’s Hidden Palace
  • The best team: Gan Yu is a great 5-star character with Cryo Damage. Will help us with the Melting debuff. Next comes Tartaglia with Hydro damage. Anemo Hero Xiao closes the chain

Available build for Yan Fei

Now let’s see what we can think of for budget gamers:

  • Top weapons: Twin Jade is a 3-star catalyst. At the maximum level of pumping, it increases the chance of crit. damage by 15.6%. Can be knocked out of chests
  • Best Artifact: Warrior – two items increase damage from normal and charged attacks by 15%. If you collect a set, then these attacks increase by 25%. This case lasts eight seconds after activating an elemental skill.
  • The best team: Lisa is a 4-star Electro character for Overload. Next comes Qi Qi with Cryo Damage. The dating star, Noelle, closes the chain.


When elevated, you can increase Pyro’s damage up to 24%. This requires the following materials:

  • Agate Fragment Agnidus – drops from level 40+ orchid Pyro or is made through alchemy
  • Immature jade – drops from Ancient Geovishap level 30+
  • Midnight Jade– Found in Li Yue Caves, Minyun Village, and Shitou
  • Silver Raven Seal – drops from level 40+ Treasure Hijackers or done through alchemy

How to get Yan Fei?

The only way to get Yan Fei is to pray earnestly. After the release of patch 1.5, we will receive the Zhong Li banner, where this young lady will also appear. There is no exact release date, but it should arrive before Eola. All in all, you have time to accumulate glorious primohems. We often post fresh promotional codes for the Stones of the Source, mora, as well as materials for pumping. They are temporary, so subscribe to Genshin Impact and don’t miss out on your luck again.

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