Getting the Assassin class in Magic: Legends will be much easier

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After the start of the open beta of Action RPG Magic: Legends, players discovered a locked Assassin class that is very difficult to obtain. The fact is that it drops randomly from a special set sold for the premium Zen currency. Of course, you can farm it in a game way, but it takes a very long time.

Fortunately, Cryptic Studios has listened to numerous player feedback and made the process of obtaining a new class more straightforward and random-independent. Now it can be obtained by reaching level 50 of the Battle Pass, and even the free option will do. The developers thanked for the feedback and asked for further feedback to improve monetization.

It was also said about other planned changes:

  • Performance improvement.
  • Adding a chat area.
  • Reducing the duration of training.
  • Removing collisions with other players.
  • Adding more content, including for the endgame.
  • Other changes like quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and so on.

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