Ghost Recon Wildlands – General Beginner Tips

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a Ubisoft game that broke the formula of previous Ghost Recon hits. This time, players are sent to a huge open world and get almost complete freedom in completing missions.

The action takes place in a fictional version of Bolivia. State control in practice is carried out by gangs under a powerful drug cartel. A team of ghosts, special commandos, is sent to the place to weaken and finally destroy the criminal organization. The game is great and offers a lot of content.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a big game where you can easily get lost or just explore the big world. It’s not an overly complex game, but there are a few important aspects worth paying attention to.

– Find comrades. Wildlands offers the option to play alone – in this case we have three soldiers with us, who are controlled by artificial intelligence. They are very useful and can focus their attention on the enemies, which makes the fight easier. However, real pleasure only happens when we work with others, preferably with friends. Car sharing and action planning are the essence of this product.

– Use a silencer. From the very beginning of the game, most of the weapons are equipped with a silencer – you only need to mount it, you do not need to get it or unlock it. The use of such a weapon can save you if you calmly want to take out a dozen enemies instead of starting open fire.

– Always carry a sniper rifle with you. The best set is an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. The sniper proves to be extremely useful in most missions. Thanks to this, you can get rid of enemy snipers and guards from afar and away from your comrades.

– When you move to a new province, always do it by air, by taking a helicopter or plane from the region you have already visited. Thanks to this, you will quickly reveal all the meeting points in the new location, so in the future you can quickly and conveniently move around the province. Remember that the region thread is only unlocked when landing and exiting the vehicle.

– Gather resources. Exploring the minimap, you will see colorful icons in almost every building, green, purple and blue. These are markings for crates and other containers where you can find resources. All of them are used to develop characters and unlock new abilities.

– Upgrade your drone. At the beginning of the adventure, it is worth investing in improving the reconnaissance drone. We will get a device with a large range. If you’re playing co-op, it would be nice if one of the Ghosts upgraded the drone to always be able to survey the entire area where the enemies are.

– Choose your aiming style. In the options, you can determine if you want the camera to stay behind the hero when aiming. The default settings make a smooth transition from first person to third person.

– Take headshots. Ghost Recon Wildlands is first and foremost a shooter. But the only element related to the RPG genre is character development. And shooting in the game resembles a fight with typical shooters. And one shot to the head of the enemy kills immediately.

– Fast travel. In each region, you can use fast travel from the start. All you have to do is select one of the group points marked with white house icons on the map and hold the specified button.


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