Girls’ Frontline II: Exile PTA starts today in China, is it worth the wait?

Girls’ Frontline II: Exile is a mobile strategy game with RPG elements. The game was made on the Unreal Engine 4, because of this, the graphics looks at a high level. The battles are step-by-step, before the start we must arrange the fighters in positions. The gameplay resembles XCOM, the camera moves beautifully behind the local waifu. They fight with futuristic robots. In general, the game takes place in Eastern Europe in 2070. During battles, gamers have complete control over the actions of the squad.

Sometimes on the levels we will fight with huge bosses-cannons. It is difficult, but in locations you can find heal or cartridges. By the way, each hero has his own specials. abilities. In general, the project looks interesting and unusual for F2P games.

Today, June 29th, for Girls’ Frontline II: Exile, CBT is set to begin in China. Pre-registration can be done through TapTap… Probably for access you will need an account in Chinese messengers like WeChat and QQ. Only Simplified Chinese is available in languages, and requires a constant internet connection to play.

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