Glitchpunk download torrent For PC

Glitchpunk download torrent

Glitchpunk torrent download 2D action shooter with addictive gameplay. This is a real outlet for all fans of such action movies. Fight against a large number of opponents in great gunfights and large-scale battles in the streets of the dark city. Do not hesitate, but arm yourself with the best weapons and become a powerful hero of a fictional world. A dynamic story awaits you, a bunch of explosions, special effects and much more.

Game process

The game has a lot of large-scale battles in which you have to take part. You will fight on a battle tank, armored personnel carrier and with unique firearms. We invite you to shootouts, a chic atmosphere, unique videos and excellent graphics. All this is done in two-dimensional mode with amazing detail. Stop procrastinating, you need to destroy the enemies who are trying to attack you. The game looks very dynamic and creative, so take part in a large number of battles in different locations. Meet a gloomy city with many weapons. Pick up firearms along the way while simultaneously firing from opponents. The player will have various improvements at his disposal, so that the protagonist can look truly powerful and strong. The fantasy component has not yet been so thoughtful and advanced. Destroy everyone and everything who gets in your way. Shoot, blow up everything you see around. Drive a real tank along the main street of the city, shooting helicopters from the muzzle of a combat vehicle. Invite your friends and start playing together. Engage in forging alliances to have some protection in future battles. Make contracts with other characters and bomb enemy units. Win battles and get experience points, money and various upgrades. After each battle, you can modify the character, making him as powerful as possible. In the fantasy world, a lot depends on the innovations that you apply to your combat vehicle. We advise you to pay attention not only to the attack, but also to protective equipment.

Features of Glitchpunk

  • captivating fantasy story;
  • the ability to play with friends;
  • beautiful detailed graphics;
  • many quests, mini-missions;
  • a huge arsenal of weapons;
  • earning money, getting bonus items;
  • improvement of the main character.

After downloading the Glitchpunk torrent, you will forever forget about other similar games.

System requirements

  • OS: tba


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