Gloomy slasher Undestroyed hits Google Play

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An early version of Undestroyed is now available on Android. This is a dark platformer where you have to exterminate robots that patrol locations. If you are a Shadow Knight fan, then you should check it out.

Undestroyed is a mobile platformer with slasher elements. The setting is futuristic, sometimes you have to fight not only with mobs, but also with huge bosses. An early version of the game is now available on Google Play. Since this is an F2P project, the maximum price tag reaches 7 790 rubles… As we progress through, we receive cards with buffs, for which there are three slots (more must be unlocked).

In setting, genre and graphics, Undestroyed is reminiscent of Shadow Knight and similar games. Between missions, we can run around the hub and “stock up” items, for example, costumes with increased stats. For those who are especially lazy, there is an auto-attack mode. Since this is a roguelike, with each death you are left with purchased weapons and abilities (hello Dead Cells).

By the way, the list of weapons is represented by one-handed or two-handed options: swords, spears, machine guns, and so on. The developers assure that you can create your own fighting style.

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