God’s Legacy: Alchemist resembles AFK Arena and that’s a good thing

The RPG God’s Legacy: Alchemist has arrived in a number of countries on Android. She clearly takes inspiration from AFK Arena.

God’s Legacy: Alchemist is a mobile project launched in Bulgaria, Mexico, Indonesia and the Philippines. The version for Android is still available, which in the picture and setting resembles AFK Arena. That is, we get a medieval fantasy, the characters fight themselves, and we only live through the ulta. As you progress, new heroes open up, which must be added to the squad. There is also a small plot, but it is textual and not voiced.

In God’s Legacy: Alchemist, heroes are divided into six factions and the same number of classes: mage, defender, assassin, fighter, marksman, and priest. The developers promise boss fights in PvE mode, Arena battles in PvP format and an endless tower. In order not to be chained to the screen, you can turn on auto-mode in battles. And since each hero has his own element, combinations are obtained from their attacks.

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