Godzilla Battle Line – incomprehensible battles of Godzilla in the city with other monsters

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Last week we talked about the mobile game Godzilla Destruction. This is an action game about a huge lizard for ardent fans. Now Japanese developers are preparing another game, it will be released all over the world. Its name is Godzilla Battle Line. Gamers will collect monsters and different versions of Godzilla. This is done so that later they will auto-fight in an isometric style on a flat map. The gameplay is vertical, which does not add enthusiasm.

This is a typical gacha where we collect figurines. If you come across the same, then they can be combined and pumped. Developers promise cities around the world. Each type of monster uses the environment differently. Ranked matches will be added for the coolest gamers; rewards will be given for high ranks.

Godzilla Battle Line will be released on iOS and Android. Pre-registration for the latest platform is now available. If you believe this Japanese site, then in Japan the project will appear in mid-May. A similar release date should be expected for the global version.

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