Godzilla Destruction – an action game about a huge lizard, destroying cities and helicopters

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In honor of the release of the film “Godzilla vs. Kong”, games began to appear on smartphones, if not about a huge monkey, then about a lizard for sure. Now we know that for Japanese gamers and the whole world they are doing a project called Godzilla Destruction. This is an isometric action game where we run around a metropolis (probably Tokyo) and destroy buildings with military helicopters, tanks, and so on. Arcade controls, you just need to tap. Sometimes huge planes will be put up against us, in comparison with which Godzilla is a small child. These planes shoot across the entire area, so we need to prepare for a hard grind and pumping our lizard.

In general, we are promised different megacities, among which there will definitely be New York. Well, in addition to the military, other Kaiju will fight against us. In general, everything looks like a C, and Godzilla’s scream of the same type causes negative emotions after the first time.

Godzilla Destruction will be released on iOS and Android on April 27th. It will happen in Japan and around the world at the same time. Probably it will be a shareware project with all that it implies. You can pre-register through the Japanese website for iOS and Android

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