Google Has Another App With A Billion Downloads

Experts believe exponential growth in downloads may be linked to the shift to remote work

Google is best known for its search engine, and many believe that Google is a monopoly in this market. However, the company also offers many other services and applications.

Last week it became known that the Google Docs app (Google Docs) was officially downloaded from the Google Play store more than one billion times. Thus, Google has another “billionaire”.

Google Docs is web-based software that runs without being installed on the user’s computer. User generated documents and spreadsheets are saved on the Google server and can be exported to a file.

Google has another app with a billion downloads

It took Google Docs six years to reach 1 billion downloads on Google. The thing is, Google hasn’t made this app mandatory in its GMS package. Two years ago, the app passed the 500 million mark.

The app has grown in popularity over the past two years. Experts believe that exponential growth in downloads may be due to the shift to remote work.

Source: Gizchina

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