Google to host I / O 2021 conference online and free, waiting for Android 12

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Many mobile giants have been hit by the coronavirus this year. For example, Apple has raised large sums of money from its annual conferences, but the company said it will be launching an online showcase this year. In this she was supported by another large corporation – Google. She was not at a loss and also decided to hold her I / O 2021 conference online.

Google decided to hold a completely free conference about the upcoming innovations of the company. We are waiting for the announcements of Chrome, Google Assistant and the fresh Android 12 Beta. The Pixel 5a smartphone is likely to miss this event, as it was announced earlier, it will be presented in early summer.

Needless to say, these two largest corporations are famous not only for their high-quality smartphones, but also for their own operating system. Apple should show the new iOS, in turn Google will present a fresh version of Android. You should definitely watch these conferences online, because you have a 100% device that runs on one of these OS. Therefore, once again recall the dates:

  • Apple’s WWDC kicks off June 7
  • I / O from Google will start on May 18, registration can be done by link

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