Google has announced bad news for users of third-party Chromium-based browsers.

As reported by Google developers on their official blog, in a recent audit, some third-party Chromium-based browsers could integrate Google features that were intended solely for use by Google-branded services, including the Chromium browser.

These include Chrome sync and Click to Call, with which Chrome for Android automatically identifies phone numbers on websites and allows users to make calls easily.

Of course, we’re not talking about giants like Microsoft Edge that use their own services. However, some Chromium browser users could log into their Google Account and store their Chrome personal data, such as bookmarks, to sync with other than Chrome.

As a result, Google decided to close this loophole on March 15, 2021. Google has assured users of such browsers that they will still access their data in their Google Account. The data can be viewed and managed through the My Google Activity page and downloaded to your device using Google Takeout (Google Archiver) or delete.

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