Gothic 1 download torrent For PC

Gothic 1 download torrent For PC Gothic 1 download torrent For PC

Gothic 1 download torrent

Size: 1.65 GB | Hand out: 92 Download: 2

Gothic 1 is a standard RPG, many of the participants believe that it is the best of its kind, and for many it was the first, download via torrent to plunge into memories.

Story line

The story begins with the fact that you are told about what is happening. Humans and orcs clashed in a serious fight. Proper weapons are needed to wage war, but not ordinary ones, but those made from magical material mined in the dark mines. To carry out the extraction of the most valuable resource, prisoners are sent, who, under the strictest supervision, work for the implementation of a common cause. Once it was decided to build a barrier to keep the guilty from escaping. And so the thirteen sorcerers began their work. Everything went according to plan, until the containment dome grew and completely covered the entire Valley. For criminals, this was a great chance to seize power, which they themselves did not miss. But the wars still did not stop, and it was necessary to extract the necessary materials. Thanks to Robar, an agreement was reached on timely deliveries. This is where the story of our hero without a name begins. Another delinquent with an unsolved past must come to serve his sentence. He is taken to the abyss, into which they must then mercilessly be thrown. When the verdict was read out, a man appeared and asked to convey the message. Of course, the man, in turn, asks to close his mouth and roll away from him. Then he is thrown off, and he falls into the clutches of cruel guards, who, in turn, start beating him up.

Game process

We have to complete the task, in the future it will not greatly affect our future. True, it will be necessary to hand the letter to the magician of fire, but Diego claims that this is not the easiest thing to do, and this sorcerer is nowhere to be seen. There are bigger trees around you, and a river flows nearby – your hands are itching to study everything as soon as possible. Almost immediately you find a couple of items. It would be great to take them with you by throwing inventory. However, Gothic 1 has completely different plans for you, by downloading via torrent, you can find out which ones. What is this place? Everything here is crammed with monsters and those who have gone astray. Many of those present will not hesitate to rob you to the skin. This makes the passage atmospheric, and forces the participants to be attentive and careful not to get into a predicament. Beautiful landscapes and musical accompaniment help to feel even better what is happening. There are three factions that are radically different from each other. The old camp dwellers supply the king, are centrally located and well structured. The new ones include warriors and thieves, they constantly oppose the first and want to win back possessions. Swamplands are quite peaceful and exist by growing plants. You can join one of them and slowly get used to it.

Distinctive features of Gothic 1

  • To achieve the desired participant, you need to go through many battles, and this requires some skills. Fights are divided into three categories: close, distant and with the use of magical abilities.
  • Daily routine for participants. During daylight hours, everyone is busy with their own affairs. Someone is guarding or wiping the walls idle, cooking, exercising, or talking to other loafers. At night, the guards go on shifts, and the rest go to rest.
  • A successful graphic component. In Gothic 1 you can see amazing rain, bright special effects for spells, interesting monsters, and architectural structures require special mention, download via torrent so as not to miss anything.

System requirements

  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • Memory: 128 MB
  • Video card: 64 MB, 3D, DirectX 8.0
  • Audio Card: DirectX 8.0 Compatible
  • Free HDD space: 1.3 GB


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