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Grand Theft Auto V – Maps and Secrets: Activities

This guide to Grand Theft Auto V – Maps and Secrets is an addition to the main guide. The focus is on presenting all the collectibles available in the game and their exact location. This guide contains information on how to find hidden packages, spacecraft parts, radioactive waste or submarine parts. This also applies to challenges – the guide informs you about the locations of bridges under which you can fly, or places for skydiving or tricks.

The other important part of this guide is all sorts of comparisons. This guide includes a complete list of all available vehicles, weapons, and stores.

This is complemented by highly detailed maps with precise locations of collectibles and challenge locations.

Grand Theft Auto V – Maps and Secrets include:

  • Information about all collectibles available in the game (hidden packages, spaceship parts, radioactive waste, submarine parts).

  • Information about the location of test sites (basic jumps, acrobatics, bridges);

  • List of all available vehicles;

  • List of all available weapons;

  • List of stores;

High-quality maps are marked with the location of collectibles, tasks, and other important elements of the game.

Tennis courts

  • 1 – This tennis court is only available when Michael’s wife is at home.

  • Tennis is available for Michael and only for him.

Playing tennis in GTA V isn’t difficult, but it does require a bit of patience and practice, especially on the highest difficulty level.

Tennis court

The rules of the game are not much different from real tennis, but of course the mechanics of the game itself are simplified. There are sets, bugs, and precious/game points.

Tennis is an enjoyable and sometimes challenging activity – winning comes with a bit of satisfaction. Moreover, during the game, Michael’s stamina increases, which is an additional advantage.


Darts in a small pub out of time, and this is the only attraction in this area.

Your enemy will be the person who is next to you at this very moment. The mechanics are not very complicated, but require a bit of precision.

The satisfying element of this game is the fact that if your enemy annoys you, you can end the game and fight him. In general, clashes in such pubs are normal.


The golf course is worth a visit if you want to spend some time in peace and play a little.

The rules of golf are simple – the on-screen guide will explain everything to you, and you’ll learn the rest as you play. You can travel across the field in a car, or simply automatically move between points using the LB button.

Will I hit or not?

The golf club isn’t just for hitting the ball – you can also use it from any of the players on the golf course if it annoys you.


If you need rest, you can try yoga exercises. There are simple exercises that increase the character’s stamina.

Breathe in and breathe out…

Yoga is unlocked after completing the main mission “Did Anyone Talk About Yoga?”. Yoga can only be taught by Michael and Trevor.


Triathlon is a sport that combines cycling, running and swimming. This activity is a good way to increase the character’s stamina. It’s best to use it on the character with the most stamina if you want to win.

Bath time!

The rules are simple – run, ride or swim to the checkpoints until you reach the finish line. Don’t forget to get involved in fights with other members because that will put an end to this activity.

Off-road racing

Mud, sand and thick rubber, this is off-road. You can drive a jeep, quad bike or motorcycle (depending on the race) and compete with other drivers on the roads outside the city.

Of course, your main task is to get to the finish line first. The best character to race is of course Franklin because of his special and better driving.

Sea racing

Get on the water scooter and race through the waters around San Andreas.

A suit and a water scooter sound great together… don’t they?

Follow the checkpoints that appear to get to the finish line – you have to be the first. But don’t try to destroy your opponents because that will make you unable to race.

Summer school

Flight school is useful if you want to improve your characters’ flying skills. You receive a list of tasks that must be completed in order to obtain a pilot’s license.

Before each test, you will see a short instruction presenting what you must do. What’s more, you’ll get a lot of advice on the radio from your instructor.


Skydiving is an activity that is unlocked after completing the Targeted Risk side mission, available only to Franklin.

Each jump requires a smooth landing on the marked yellow area. Landing outside this area does not complete the jump and you must repeat it.

Jumping is also different from each other. Some have you jumping out of a flying plane or helicopter, others have you riding out of a skyscraper in downtown Los Santos. It’s exciting and fun.

I fly because I want…


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