Graphics in MMORPG TS Project has noticeably changed – New gameplay trailer on Unreal Engine 5

Studio GameTales has finally published the first gameplay video in a long time dedicated to MMORPG under the working title TS Project. It allows us to evaluate the graphics of the game on the Unreal Engine 5 engine, which has changed significantly when compared to the 2017 demo. The picture became more detailed and beautiful, but at the same time lost its cartoonish anime style. The video itself is recorded on a PC and shows a fantasy city, as well as seasonal changes in the open world.

TS Project is an MMORPG based on four of Jung Sung Hwan’s original novels, including Silent Tail and Holinite. The game will tell the story of heroes from another dimension who went to the Myersotis continent to restore peace to this place. Developers promise to reveal details later.

TS Project is a cross-platform game created for PC and mobile devices. The release date has not yet been determined.

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