Gravity spoke in more detail about projects from the Ragnarok universe for G-Star 2021

There is nothing left until the largest game show in Korea G-Star 2021, and Gravity decided to share a lot of details about the projects of the Ragnarok universe that will be presented there. Let us remind you that earlier we were shown only a list of the company’s games for the exhibition.

The event will focus on Ragnarok V: Resurrection, Ragnarok Begins, Ragnarok: The Lost Memories and Project T (tentative title). According to the studio, each title has its own strengths and uniqueness, such as platform, backstory, graphics and content. At the same time, stylistically, all games will be similar.

  • Ragnarok V: Resurrection will be a direct sequel to Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising – Project S, but the story will be bigger this time. Valkyrie-like graphics and MMORPG features await us as well.
  • Followed by Ragnarok Begins Is the first multi-platform side-scrolling MMORPG in the Ragnarok universe. The novelty will resemble a side-scroller with a non-target combat system and an emphasis on the plot, which unfolds 100 years before the events of the original Ragnarok Online.
  • Cinematic Mobile RPG Ragnarok: The Lost Memories – The first story-driven mobile RPG in the Ragnarok universe, based on the Rune Midgards story arc from Ragnarok Online. It will be done in a retro style, and the story is focused on the hero breaking into the world of Rune Midgarts.
  • Project T (tentative title) is a mobile SRPG that tells the story of a parallel world from the Ragnarok universe. According to the plot, the main character fled there after the attack of the demon king Morok in order to gain strength, return, and end evil.
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G-Star 2021 will be held in Busan from November 17-21. Nexon, Netmarble, NCSOFT and Pearl Abyss will not be at the show this time. They will be replaced by Kakao Games, Krafton and other companies.

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