GSC Game World is recruiting many testers for STALKER 2, what are the conditions?

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So, on the site Ingamejob there was one interesting vacancy, a beginner QA tester. And the studio GSC Game World posted this vacancy. They need people who will test the upcoming shooter STALKER 2. They need a large number of testers, but just “check out” the game will not work: this is the position for those who want to become an employee of GSC Game World, write reports and conduct all kinds of tests. Experience with the Unreal Engine 4 editor is also desirable, with special consoles for development (devkits), as well as one year or more in game development.

Two days ago, the developers showed NPC models: they are worked out to the smallest detail. We will see different factions, they have their own unique clothing items. On it you can see abrasions, scratches and so on. We were also shown the ability to change or remove teeth from characters to make them unique.

STALKER 2 will be released on PC and Xbox Series X | S. This means that gamers should expect high-end graphics. Good news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers: the game will be added to this library on release day. Xbox Series X supports 4K Ultra HD resolution as well as ray tracing. Stalker 2 is not coming to PlayStation 5.

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