GTA 4 / GTA 4 download torrent For PC

GTA 4 GTA 4 download torrent For PC GTA 4 / GTA 4 download torrent For PC

GTA 4 / GTA 4 download torrent

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Few games can boast that they got into the Guinness Book of Records in almost a couple of days after the release. But this one can, and therefore we offer to download GTA 4. The demand for the game was simply dizzying, and even now, seven years later, it remains an undying masterpiece, which many seek to play or replay. This is the ninth installment in the GTA series, an open world 3D shooter and also a driving simulator. This game is like an axiom – no need to prove that it is worthy of passing and praise (because everyone already knows this). Let’s talk about it in more detail.

GTA 4 gameplay

This part of the game does not go far beyond the features of previous games, while introducing some changes. Traditionally, the main character, closely associated with the world of criminals, performs various tasks from various characters, mainly related to criminal activity. Players who want to download GTA 4 by torrent will be presented with a huge freedom of action – he can safely steal any vehicle and kill any character who is not involved in the plot or giving assignments. For each successful completion of a particular mission, the player opens up new areas of the map, new types of weapons and, of course, new tasks.

In addition, for a 100% completion of the game, the main character must go through all the side tasks, the number of which has decreased in this part. These tasks include: performing unique jumps, tasks from the police, racing cars, assassination and car theft missions, searching for various items, etc. The mechanics of the combat system have been created anew; there was an opportunity to hide behind shelters. Hitting any part of the body now not only deals damage, but also deprives that character of the corresponding ability, for example, hitting the hand can knock out a weapon.

The melee system has become more complex: there are more strikes. GPS now plots a route to the selected point on the map, and the search by the police has become more realistic: the police determine the search circle near the place where the main character was last seen. They do not hit the character immediately, but only if he resisted arrest. To communicate with other characters, the main character of GTA 4 can use a phone or computer. In the process of passing the game, friends will call the hero Niko, offering to spend time together in some kind of entertainment establishment (bar, strip club), play a mini-game (darts) or earn extra money. If you agree and do not be late for meetings, then relations with him improve. In the future, this provides additional opportunities and benefits; so, it will be possible to take a friend on a mission with armed people, order transport and weapons, etc.

The plot of GTA 4

Outwardly bearing a strong resemblance to New York City, the main setting of the game is a fictional city called Liberty City. In Grand Theft Auto 4, the city is even more like its prototype, and many of the landmarks of Manhattan have appeared in it, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway, the Statue of Liberty. Initially, access to all five major areas of the city is closed, and unauthorized entry will cause a high level of wanted, which is explained by the plot that there is a threat of terrorism. The main character’s name is Niko Bellic.

His true origins are unknown, but his Eastern European accent and his words about the recent brutal war in his homeland strongly suggest that he hails from Serbia or Kosovo. Niko is a former military man. He handles weapons well and has good physical fitness, but he is a cynic to the marrow and is interested primarily in money. He is invited to Liberty City by his cousin, Roman Bellic. He lives in poor and dirty apartments, is the owner of a small taxi service and takes care of the girl Mallory. Niko begins to help him with business and gets to know his cousin’s entourage. Soon, among his friends is a rastaman Baby Jacob and bodybuilder Brucie Kibbutz, who steals cars and tunes them; he is also introduced to a girl named Michelle, whom he soon starts dating. The fun begins with her when Niko notices her desire to learn more about Belic’s current occupation and the brand new furniture in her apartment.

One day, Niko stands up for his brother and beats up the bandits who attacked him. His fighting qualities are noticed by the leader of the Russian mafia, Vlad Glebov, and he offers to work for him. But relations with him do not add up, and Niko soon gets rid of Vlad. Then the real reason for his arrival in Liberty City is revealed – revenge. And the story begins, full of Russian mafia, shootings, negotiations and exciting plot twists. In the final, two outcomes are possible – revenge or a deal with the main enemy.

Multiplayer GTA 4

The multiplayer game includes online play with 15 modes that can accommodate up to 32 players. Unlike single player, players have the opportunity to create their own character, choosing his appearance, guided by six parameters. In the future, the player can continue to customize their character by earning money in ranked games and completing levels. At the beginning, the organizer of the game chooses the scene, sets the weather and time of day, determines the degree of police intervention, imposes (at the discretion) restrictions on weapons.

There are modes: Deathmatch, which is played “every man for himself” or in a team; GTA Race – a race with the ability to get out of the car and use weapons; mafia work; Cops ‘n Crooks – confrontation between the police and bandits; Hangman’s NOOSE, where you have to protect a comrade, being under the guns of special forces; Deal Breaker – disruption of the deal; Turf War – battle for bases; Car Jack City – search for a specific car, as well as other modes.

Additional episodes of GTA 4

The combination of two games set in Liberty City is called Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City. There is also an add-on called Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, in which the main character is Johnny Klebitz. He has already met in the original part of the GTA. The decisions made in the original part indirectly affect the events in this episode. The third expansion is Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony. In it, the city opens up to us from a completely new side, showing us glamor, dirt and weapons. The main character is Luis Lopez.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows Vista – Service Pack 1 / XP – Service Pack 3
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4Ghz
  • Memory: 1.5GB
  • HDD: 16GB
  • Video: 256MB NVIDIA 7900 / 256MB ATI X1900


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