GTA III – Criminal Organizations

In GTA III, there are such criminal organizations:

The Leone Family

  • Boss: Salvatore Leone
  • Territory: St Marks area
  • Business: robbery
  • Cover: restaurants and clubs
  • Style: dressed in a black tuxedo, strong, grouped, powerful Sicilian family
  • Feature: loyalty to family
  • Vehicle: Mafia Sentinel
  • Favorite weapon: shotgun, UZI, Colt’45
  • Favorite radio station: Double Cleff FM


  • Boss: Kenji
  • Territory: Torrington
  • Business: gambling, fakes and falsifications
  • Cover: casino
  • Style: dressed in a dark suit
  • Feature: honor and loyalty are their strength!
  • Vehicle: Yakuza Stinger
  • Favorite weapon: Colt’45, UZI
  • Favorite radio station: Lips 106 FM


  • Boss: El Burro
  • Territory: Hepburn Hights
  • Business pornography
  • Style: blue jackets with Diablos lettering and red bandanas
  • Feature: street gang
  • Vehicle: Diablo Stallions
  • Favorite weapon: bat
  • Favorite radio station: Head Radio


  • Boss: unknown
  • Territory: Chinatown
  • Business: dealership
  • Cover: fish factory
  • Style: blue suits and black bandanas, tattoos
  • Feature: maniacs of their territory
  • Vehicle: Triad Fish Van, Laundry Vans
  • Favorite Weapon: Bit, Colt’45, UZI
  • Favorite radio station: Chatterbox FM

Colombian cartel (Columbian Cartel)

Похожее изображение

  • Boss: Catalina and Miguel
  • Territory: Cedar Grove
  • Cover: construction
  • Style: cowboy boots, colorful colombian shirts, hats
  • Feature: gang of emigrants
  • Vehicle: Cartel Cruiser
  • Favorite weapon: UZI, AK-47, M-16, Colt’45
  • Favorite radio station: Flashback, Rise FM

south side hoods

  • Boss: D-Ice
  • Territory: Wichita Gardens
  • Style: black and red shirts
  • Feature: punks, street ganging
  • Vehicle: Hood’s Rumpo XL
  • Favorite weapon: Colt’45, UZI
  • Favorite radio station: Game Radio, MSX FM

Uptown Yardies

  • Boss: King Courtney
  • Territory: Newport
  • Style: Caribbean style
  • Feature: Almost Innocent Bandits
  • Vehicle: Yardie Lobo
  • Favorite Weapon: Bit, Colt’45
  • Favorite Radio Station K-Jah FM


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