GTA Online – Beginner’s Guide

Picture 1 10 e1592136040518 A full wipe and a lot of new content has arrived in Escape from Tarkov with a new patch

In this guide, we will try to show you how to get started in GTA Online if you are completely new to this game, show you how to earn money and level up, and also present a list of important things to develop your criminal structure. Even if at first it’s hard for you in GTA Online, after spending a little time and effort, you will confidently embark on the path of casino robbery, virtual trade in illegal substances, banditry and lawlessness shared with other players.

Character Creation

GTA Online starts with character creation. You can choose many different life traits that determine the parameters and general appearance of your character. However, they have little to no effect on gameplay, so you can just focus on making your avatar look the way you want.

And although you will have the opportunity to change the appearance of your character in the future, this can be quite a costly process. When your character looks perfect, it’s time to move on to the GTA Online tutorial.

Completion of training

Picture 3 12 A full wipe and a lot of new content has arrived in Escape from Tarkov with a new patch

You may be tempted to skip the tutorial entirely at first, especially if this is not your first walk. However, GTA Online has a number of key differences from the single player game, especially in terms of different activities and game mechanics. The best way to learn them is to go through the tutorial, so feel free to read it to the very end.

Lamar helps you in this section – he will meet you at the Los Santos airport and drive you around the city, showing you the highlights of choosing missions and contracts, racing, robberies, shopping and many other activities. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have a better idea of ​​how GTA Online works, or at least a better grasp of the controls.

Pumping and earnings

Picture 5 9 A full wipe and a lot of new content has arrived in Escape from Tarkov with a new patch

There are two main resources for development in GTA Online – money and reputation points. Money will allow you to buy new guns, ammunition, clothes, cars and real estate, while reputation points increase the overall level. The higher the level, the more you can do. At the beginning of the game, your ability to level up and earn money is quite limited.

Work will help here. To get started, you can drive to a marked location on the map, use your phone by pressing up on the D-pad, or select a job from the pause menu. Dozens of jobs are always available, from multiplayer racing to altered story missions and complex bank robbery scenarios.

Naturally, some jobs pay better, so take some time to find the best deals. If you get stuck, at low levels, we recommend the following activities for beginners to earn money and reputation points:

  • car theft – It’s best to avoid stealing too cool cars that attract too much attention, but you can make good money selling stolen cars at Los Santos Customs or looting certain cars for Simeon.
  • Completing missions – These modified story missions are similar to those in GTA V. They can be obtained from the job selection menu or by calling NPCs such as Lamar, Gerald or Simeon. In addition, there are special double reward promo missions that rotate weekly.
  • Completing Mod Quests – periodically you will receive messages from Maud in which she will turn to you for help in capturing some people. If you manage to deliver them alive, she will pay you a generous bonus.
  • Diamond Casino – once a day, the game allows you to try your luck by playing roulette at Diamond Casino. All earned chips can be exchanged for money or bet again. Use GPS to find the casino.

How to increase health and find weapons

Picture 7 10 A full wipe and a lot of new content has arrived in Escape from Tarkov with a new patch

As in GTA 5, your character has a limited amount of health (green bar) that can be expanded by purchasing body armor (blue bar). To replenish health, you need to eat snacks, which are sold in shops and vending machines throughout the city. They can be postponed for later through the interaction menu.

Weapons, ammo, and body armor can be purchased from AmmuNation’s stores, which are generously scattered throughout the game’s open world. For convenience, ammunition can be bought directly from the inventory, but at an additional markup. As you level up for purchase in AmmuNation, you will unlock more weapons.

How to buy clothes

Picture 9 7 A full wipe and a lot of new content has arrived in Escape from Tarkov with a new patch

To buy your character a new outfit, go to any store in Los Santos and go to the shelves and hangers with clothes. There are more than four thousand different types of clothes in the game, and to save time, you can buy them in whole sets, and not just one thing. After purchasing an apartment, all the clothes you bought will be stored there, and you can change clothes without having to go to the store.

How to buy a car

Picture 11 5 A full wipe and a lot of new content has arrived in Escape from Tarkov with a new patch

You can personalize stolen cars and pass them off as your own, but with the coolest cars, due to the increased attention, this scheme is best avoided. Once you have something a little more modest than the Felon or F620, head to your local workshop, buy a tracker and take out insurance.

After that, the car will appear next to you every time you enter GTA Online. If (and when) it is destroyed, you can get a new one under insurance by calling Mor’s Mutual Insurance. You can also buy cars directly from your phone, but given that you will be literally surrounded by cars that are only one broken window from owning, we recommend that you stop buying a car and save for real estate.

How to buy property

Picture 13 7 A full wipe and a lot of new content has arrived in Escape from Tarkov with a new patch

A good property to start with is Building 124 on Popular Street. For $25,000, you get a two-car garage, access to a mechanic, and a convenient entry point to the game on the hectic streets of East Los Santos. To find this garage, go online on your phone, select the Money and Services tab, go to the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website and search for budget properties.

As your criminal empire grows, you will be able to acquire something better. Different real estate offers different opportunities, so it is important to know how its different types differ from each other:

  • Garage – used to store personal cars, may be included in some apartments and houses.
  • Standard apartment – used as a base, allows you to change clothes.
  • Luxury apartment – similar to the standard, but may include a garage and / or a planning room for preparing robberies.
  • Office – Allows you to complete transportation missions.
  • Hangar – used to store airplanes and helicopters.
  • Clubhouse – used to store motorcycles.
  • Underground structures and bunkers – used to organize robberies.
  • Night clubs and gambling halls – generate income.

In addition to Dynasty 8, real estate can be bought on the Maze Bank Foreclosure website. There you can find more serious options, including hangars, clubhouses and nightclubs. They cost a lot of money, so you don’t have to worry about them at first.

How to save your money

Picture 15 6 A full wipe and a lot of new content has arrived in Escape from Tarkov with a new patch

When it comes to money, you will need to set aside enough cash for your next big purchase. This can be difficult at times – crime thrives on the dangerous streets of Los Santos, and murder is commonplace.

Therefore, we recommend that you protect your money from falling into the hands of hostile players through regular visits to the ATM. Use GPS to find the nearest ATM. In addition, money can be deposited into your account on the Maze Bank website, which can be accessed from your phone.

How to avoid griefing

Picture 17 6 A full wipe and a lot of new content has arrived in Escape from Tarkov with a new patch

Many of the players you encounter in GTA Online will be friendly to you, at worst neutral. Unfortunately, this is not always the case – someday you will definitely stumble upon a player whose only desire is to arrange the maximum possible chaos. When you just want to comfortably get from point A to point B, it can be annoying.

If you find yourself in this situation, you have several options. The first one is to enable passive mode at the bottom of the interaction menu. In it, no one can harm you, but you yourself will lose the ability to take weapons or use melee attacks.

The second option is to offer to kick a player from the current session. To do this, open the pause menu, select onlinethen playershighlight the player who is giving you problems and select Kick. If enough other players agree with you, he will be kicked out of the game. Finally, you can generously leave the session yourself by pausing and choosing Find New Session on the menu online.

How to participate in robberies

Picture 19 5 A full wipe and a lot of new content has arrived in Escape from Tarkov with a new patch

You will not be able to team up with other players to participate in Heists until you reach a sufficient level and gain access to GTA Online end-game content. Heists can make a lot of money if successfully executed, but planning and executing them properly requires a lot of coordination. Usually, robberies are recommended to be planned with familiar players, communicating in voice chat, but this is also quite possible with random people.

Each heist is broken down into separate missions designed to prepare for a triumphant conclusion when all the elements come together. To gain access to robberies, you need to reach level 12 and purchase an elite apartment. Before starting a heist, the team must choose a leader who will be responsible for all expenses and recruitment of players.

You can also join other players’ heists, although you will earn less money from this. It is unlikely that experienced players will accept you from the very beginning, so we recommend looking for accomplices among easier players in social networks or online communities, for example, GTA Online LFH or r/HeistTeams.

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