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BMX Challenge


After completing the “Big Smoke” mission (the first mission of the game), go to the BMX park and sit on the bike next to the halfpipe (half-pipe shaped stunt facility). The place is located on the east side of Glen Park.


Complete the first Big Smoke mission. Also make sure your bike ownership is 20% or higher.


BMX Park (Glen Park Los Santos)


Another step towards 100% completion of the game.

It is better to have the following skills:

To simplify the passage of the task, you need to pump the level of bike ownership to 80%. This way Carl will be able to bunny hop with ease and reach the highest markers. Which is by far the most difficult part of this task.

It is necessary to drive through all the checkpoints scattered throughout the park. The countdown starts from 10 seconds. For each marker the player receives 10. The mission ends if the player runs out of time. Another way to lose is to fall off the bike and not come back for 20 seconds. We recommend collecting 19 easy markers first so that the player has time for the hard spots at the end. The mission can be completed at any time to improve your score.

Challenge from Ammu-Nation


To open the competition, you must successfully complete the Doberman mission.


Find the pistol icon in the big city. Ammu-Nation stores can also be found outside the city. However, most of them are so small that they do not have their own shooting range.


The maximum level of possession of a pistol.


Find an Ammu-Nation store with a shooting range. To start the competition, you need to approach the red marker. You will compete with two opponents controlled by the computer. There will be 4 different types of weapons in the competition. Each type of weapon will be allocated 3 rounds. The targets will always be the same, but they will move in different ways. Get ready to shoot with a pistol, a submachine gun, a shotgun on a machine gun. The targets will be in the form of bandits. Each target has 7 separate elements that need to be destroyed. Each element of the target is indicated by a circle. The Killer weapon proficiency level will greatly simplify the passage of this task.

Stage One: Pistol

Round 1

In the first round you need to destroy 3 different targets. Once you have completely destroyed the first target, another one will come into view. Each next target will move away from the previous one. Save your ammo, because extra reloading is wasted time. You need to accurately aim at the center of each circle. If you fall outside the circle – the hit is not counted. To successfully complete tasks, you must complete them first.

Round 2

Targets will appear at a distance and slowly move towards the player. Completely destroy the target so that the next one appears. You cope before your opponents.

Round 3

In the final round there will be only one target, which will appear in a random place and move in different directions. All competitors will shoot at the same time. The first person to earn 20 points wins. To earn a point, you need to get to the center of the circle.

Stage two: submachine gun

Competitions with this type of weapon are similar to the previous one. Use the tips we described earlier. Remember that the rate of fire of the submachine gun is much higher. But this does not mean that you need to shoot in automatic mode. It is better to limit yourself to aiming bursts. This will help you reload your weapons less often and destroy targets faster.

Stage Three: Shotgun

A similar competition awaits you again. With a shotgun it will be easier, so you can relax. Aimed shooting is not necessary here. By the way, the better your shotgun level, the shorter the reload time of the weapon.

Stage Four: Automatic

Again the same competition, only you will shoot from the AK-47. The rate of fire and accuracy of this machine gun is much better than the types of weapons that you have fired before. You need to successfully complete the last stage to win the challenge from Ammu-Nation. If you succeeded, congratulations!

Competition lowriders


Successfully complete the Caesar Vialpando mission.


Railway station in El Corona, Los Santos.


Money earned on bets during the competition.


After completing the Caesar Vialpando mission, head to the train station located in El Corona. A man in overalls will tell Carl where the competition is taking place. The cut-scene will automatically activate the competition, which will take place nearby. It is enough just to climb over or go around the fence.

First, purchase hydraulics for your vehicle. This can be done in Caesar’s workshop “Loco Low Co” (the same workshop from the mission “Caesar Vialpando”). If you come to the competition in a car without hydraulics, then it will be automatically canceled.

Now you need to call on the red marker near the railway track. The person will offer to place a bet for you. The minimum deposit required is $50. You can increase the rate if you wish. You must earn more points than your opponents. It is better to press the arrows a little in advance. As soon as their designation begins to touch the boundaries of the circle. Extra pressure on the keyboard will give bonus points to your opponents. Therefore, try to do everything right and pump the car to the rhythm. After the end of the competition, you need to wait a few days to start it again.


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