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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (otherwise GTA: San Andreas, GTA: SA) is a video game for consoles and computers that was developed by the English company Rockstar North and published by the Americans from Rockstar Games. Download GTA: San Andreasthe fifth in order part of the series, and the third of those in which the action takes place in the three-dimensional world, you can on this page.

The plot of GTA: San Andreas

The action of the plot begins in 1992, during the heyday of crime in the largest cities of California. You control Carl Johnson (nicknamed CJ), a black man about 25 years old. He returns to his hometown of Los Santos (LA) after some years of living in Liberty City (New York). Earlier, 5 years ago, he was forced to leave Los Santos due to the death of his younger brother Brian. He was accused of this by his older brother Sean Johnson (nicknamed Sweet). You return to town for your mother’s funeral, but almost immediately, Carl Johnson is detained by police officer Frank Tenpenny.

He accuses you of killing another policeman from the same special unit. Subsequently, CJ will be obliged to do the “dirty work” for the police, as they have dirt on you. Then you safely get to your home area called Grove Street and see that during your absence it has seriously changed. Meeting with old friends is not as peaceful as expected, and they all behave aggressively towards Carl.

Gradually, you, along with Sweet and his friend Melvin Harris (Big Smoke), are drawn into the criminal life of your gang, influencing the streets of Los Santos, opposing the enemy groups Ballas and Vagos. After some time, Karl will again have to face the betrayal of his closest friends and relatives. He will be expelled from Los Santos. This means that players will establish new connections with criminal gangs throughout the state of San Andreas, make new acquaintances, enlist their support. And he will definitely return to Grove Street to take revenge …

Characters in GTA: San Andreas

As in all other parts of the series, there are a huge number of different characters on the streets talking both to each other and to Karl himself. Some of them are found only in separate locations, while the rest can be found randomly throughout the open game world. Of particular note is the war of street gangs that oppose each other to gain their influence in Los Santos:

  • African American Ballas dressing in purple. You can meet them almost everywhere: they are the ones who “rule” all of Los Santos, they are its largest criminal group. They are in conflict with Grove Street, which means they will attack the main character if possible;
  • The Hispanic Vagos, who control the north of Los Santos, as well as its eastern beach. They wear yellow bandanas, fight for their place under the sun and are also extremely hostile to the player;
  • Hispanic Aztecas who captured the southern Mexican quarters. They love riding lowriders. Their leader is one of the main character’s best friends named Caesar Vialpando, which means they will be friendly to the player.

Voice of GTA: San Andreas

As in the previous two parts, a huge number of outstanding musicians and actors took part in the dubbing of the voices of the characters, as well as in the creation of the official soundtrack for the game. The game often uses profanity, and therefore it was age-restricted. During the passage of missions, you can hear the voices of celebrities such as Christopher Bellar, James Woods and Ice-T.

Location GTA: San Andreas

You can download gta san andreas and find yourself in the vastness of a fictional state, the prototype of which was Southern California and Nevada, which includes 3 of their most famous cities. Los Santos (Los Angeles) and the surrounding California wastelands, San Fierro (San Francisco) with nearby Mount Chiliad (in reality – Diablo), Las Venturas (Las Vegas), built in the desert, as well as over a dozen other smaller towns. Of the sights, one should highlight a large dam with a hydroelectric power station (Hoover Dam), a secret military territory Area 69 (51), as well as many other man-made and geographically remarkable things.

Los Santos

The metropolis consists of more than 30 separate districts, contrasting with each other: from poor slums and ghettos to a business center with skyscrapers and exclusive cars. You can see many sights of real Los Angeles on the territory of this city: Mullholland Drive, International Exhibition Center, Hollywood, US Bank Tower. We invite you to take a ride from the industrial area to the elite Rodeo.

San Fierro

The maximum number of known places per square meter of territory. Chinatown and the Golden Gate Bridge, the Transamerica skyscraper and the oldest tram line in the world. The city is located on the hills, like the real San Francisco, and therefore it has significant elevation differences in the streets. Also, special attention should be paid to the area called Garcia, named after the musician of the popular psychedelic rock band.

Las Venturas

Of course, you can visit numerous casinos and even lose all your savings in them. Not only slot machines are available, but also gambling with croupiers such as blackjack, roulette and poker. In addition, you can “wash” your winnings in specially built strip clubs. Some of the facades of the buildings look exactly the same as in real Las Vegas: the Sphinx, Luxor and Camelot casinos are stylized as the sights of Ancient Egypt.

Gameplay GTA: San Andreas

In general, the gameplay is similar to what we have already seen in the previous two parts of the series. Basically, players will have to deal with arcade car controls, as well as third-person action. Unlike the previous main characters, now our protagonist can not only walk, run and jump, but also swim and climb. During a clash with opponents, you can both fight with your fists and use weapons. A great variety of vehicles are provided for theft: cars, motorcycles, mopeds, trains, planes, helicopters and even a jetpack.

The open world allows players to do whatever they want in the vastness of the state of San Andreas, but in order to open new territories, you still need to complete the missions of the main storyline. Outside of quests, you can do any illegal thing you want: blow up, rob, kill… In addition to this, the developers have included a large number of mini-games and side quests. Complete the missions of a taxi driver, policeman, trucker, ambulance driver, fireman, train driver. Play darts and billiards, invite your friends by phone to have a good time.

Innovations GTA: San Andreas

Countless new features have been added to the game. There were other means of transportation that had not previously been seen in the series: an ATV, bicycles, a military aircraft, trains, and even a combine. A system for upgrading the parameters of the main character has been added. You can use two weapons at the same time. There were many small innovations that bring the game closer to reality.


The player can buy various clothes and accessories for the protagonist in specialized stores. There is also the possibility of visiting a hairdresser and a tattoo parlor, after which Karl’s appearance will become completely unique. Physical exercise and nutrition affect the muscles of our hero. You can also improve other parameters: driving, lung capacity, endurance. You can learn three types of hand-to-hand martial arts in gyms.

Improved artificial intelligence

Now the world around you reacts more expressively to your crimes. You can no longer just kill a person in broad daylight. Some of the witnesses will immediately call the police, while others will simply run away in fear. When one of the gang members is killed, the rest will want to get even for the murdered comrade by all means, after which they will definitely give you a rebuff. The presence of military equipment in a peaceful place will cause panic among the townsfolk.

Car modification

You can visit specialized car tuning salons, and then send a “wheelbarrow for pumping”. Most of the modifications present are intended to change the appearance of the vehicle, but there are also those that will affect its technical characteristics. A nitro booster, hydraulics, large-radius discs, a subwoofer and much more are already waiting for their comers.

Territory Wars

In the process of passing the storyline, you will encounter a conflict of street criminal gangs. The main task of each of them is to capture and keep under their influence as many areas of Los Santos as possible. The more territories your gang controls, the more money our main character will earn there. You can go to the “gang war” either alone or by recruiting your comrades-in-arms. Having captured a certain area, you will have to hold it, withstanding 3 waves of attack by enemy NPCs.


One of the many distinguishing features of GTA: San Andreas is the ability to rob cottages. Steal a truck to transport stolen goods, wait out the night and break into other people’s houses while everyone is sleeping. If you loot a total amount of more than $ 10,000, you will receive several pleasant surprises.

mini games

The developers have added a large number of small games that are organically present in one big one. You can play basketball and billiards, go to a disco, try your hand at gambling for money. Also around the world there are many arcade machines with video games typical of the 90s.

Multiplayer GTA: San Andreas

A large number of unofficial mods have been created that allow players to face each other in online play. To date, MTA and SA-MP remain popular, by downloading which you can join the game on one of the specialized servers. An open game world, statistics and the ability to put together your own gang are key features of the game on the network.

System requirements

  • Processor Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon 1 GHz;
  • 256 MB of RAM;
  • 8 speed DVD-ROM;
  • 3.6 GB of free hard disk space;
  • Video card with 64 MB of video memory compatible with DirectX 9 (GeForce3 or better);
  • Sound card compatible with DirectX 9;
  • Keyboard;
  • Mouse.


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