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Rockstar North did a huge amount of research before creating gangs in San Andreas. This includes interviews with DJ Pooh, Mister Cartoon, Estevan Oriol and hundreds of other famous people. Gangs now play a much larger role than in Vice City. First, the number of gangs has increased. Among them are large, dominant, as well as smaller, more local gangs. Gangs are now causing more trouble than before, destroying cars, crowding the streets, and using various methods of attack. Some neighborhoods will welcome you, and some won’t. San Andreas allows you to “capture” territories on the map and recruit people for your own gang to help you and protect you.

Gang members can be recognized by their clothing, tattoos, and the like. This is useful for two reasons. The police can easily recognize an outsider in a crowd of bandits as a victim, and the gang members themselves can recognize their own. Each gang has its own territory, which is marked by street signs or wall graffiti, or simply defended by force. In Los Santos, each of the 4 gangs is divided into separate “squads”. On the one hand, this is bad, because not all units can easily find a common language. On the other hand, this is good, because there are always reinforcements.

Gang members in GTA: San Andreas have a life of their own. When they stand, they smoke, drink, talk, joke and do many other things. If you are attacked by a hostile gang, then if there is a member of your gang nearby, he will come to the rescue. The enemy gangs have gotten smarter, they will learn from their mistakes and next time they will ambush.

Grove Street Families (Grove Street Families)

Members of the Grove Families wear green clothing. This gang consists of Carl Johnson, Sweet (Sean Johnson), Big Smokey (Melvin Haris), Ryder (Lance Wilson), and at least five other members of the gang. Carl and Mir Johnson are two of the most important figures in the Grove Family who seek revenge for the death of their mother and younger brother, Brian Johnson. Groove is getting weaker every day, and the enemy gang of Ballas is getting stronger. Families must come together again to restore strength. The Grove Street families control the Ganton and East Los Santos territories.


Members of the Balas gang wear purple clothing. It is also known that this gang is responsible for the death of Carl and Brian’s mother. The Ballas are fierce rivals to the Grove Street Families. The Ballas have two divisions, Front Yard Ballas and Rollin Heights Ballas. Front Yard Ballas drug dealers and sworn enemies of Grove Street. And the Rollin Height Ballas act as reinforcements and control only a small part of Glen Park, although they seem to be pushing south into Idlewood. The Ballas fight rivals (Vagos and Grove Street Families) to take over East Los Santos. The Ballas were founded back in the 1970s. They are involved in drug trafficking, prostitution, arms trafficking, vandalism and the like.

Los Santos Vagos

The Vagos wear yellow clothing and occupy most of North and East Los Santos, namely Las Colinas and Los Flores. This Spanish gang is the sworn enemy of the Varios Los Aztecas gang. He is heavily involved in the drug business. The Vagos are involved in the Big Smokey drug business.

Varrios Los Aztecas

A Hispanic street gang based in Mexico Minor. She can be recognized behind her blue clothes and headbands. They have a strong rivalry with the Los Santos Vagos gang. Engaged in arms sales and street violence, but are slowly declining. They are traditionally against drugs. Members of this gang include Cesar Vialpando, Sunny, Gal and Hazer.

Triads (Triads)

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This gang is based in San Fierro. She is assisted by Wu Zi Mu, the blind master, and led by Ran Fa Li. The Triads own the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas, but their main location is Chinatown. There are two kinds of triads: Mountain Cloud Boys, led by Woozie, and Red Gecko Tong, led by Ran Fa Li. The Triads are in trouble with a Vietnamese street gang known as the Da Nang Boys.

San Fierro Rifa

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This Spanish street gang controls Garcia’s territory in San Fierro. They are said to have become a major hub for the international drug trade, perhaps in the cocaine trade. They feud with Mexican gangs in Los Santos. T-Bone Mendez is a member of the Rifa gang.

Da Nang Boys

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A Vietnamese street gang based in San Fierro that is preparing a full move to the United States. They are in control for the time being in the Easter Basin, often causing concern. Now they are at enmity with the local triads. Very cruel, have an interest in protection.

Mafia (Mafia)

gta san andreas gta san andreas

There are 3 families in Las Venturas, each of which has a stake in Caligula’s Casino. You’ve known them since GTA 3. The Sindacco family wants to do business with the Leone family, and that includes the Salvatore family’s pledge of $5,000,000 to the Sindacco family. Both gangs are arguing over who should run the casino, and so Ken Rosenberg (he worked for the Forelli family in GTA: Vice City) is exposed as a neutral party. Ken is at the center of the three families. So if one family attacks another, Ken will obviously be the target. The Sindacco family is represented by Johnny, while the Forelli continue to pester the Leone family. The Triads have opened a new casino nearby, which is apparently a rival to Caligula’s Casino.

How to take over the territory of another gang

If you start to seize the territory of another gang, then a gang war is inevitable, so this must be done carefully. First, enter the territory you want to take control of and kill all the members of the enemy gang that you see. If you kill 4 members, this will trigger a gang war and the attacked area will flash red on the radar. Enemies attack has 3 waves. Keep an eye on the radar and see where the enemies are coming from. They can attack suddenly in large numbers, so you should stock up on health and armor in advance. If possible, shoot from long distances or from the roof of a house.

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Survive 3 waves of attack – and the territory is yours. After that, it will be indicated on the radar in green. Therefore, other gangs may try to take over your territory, so you should protect it.

Gang and territory wars begin during Sweet’s “Doberman” mission. After the mission “The Green Saber” in CJ, it will no longer be possible to capture new territories or defend your own. This feature will only return during the “Home Coming” mission at the end of the game.

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How to capture the territory of another gang:

1. Approach the enemy gang in their territory.

2. Attack them.

3. Survive three waves of attack.

4. The territory is yours. Protect her if other enemies attack.

You can also hire people for your own gang. Maximum 7 people. But such an opportunity will be available as your recognition grows. At first, you can only hire 1 person.

Recognition – Number of gang members

  • More than 1% – 2
  • More than 10% – 3
  • More than 20% – 4
  • More than 40% – 5
  • More than 60% – 6
  • More than 80% – 7


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