GTA V: Secrets and Easter Eggs

gtav GTA V: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Despite the fact that the release of GTA V took place already in 2013, interest in it still does not fade away. Someone replays the plot, someone conquers Los Santos in GTA Online, completing missions, working or just driving around. The game does not lose popularity, as happened with many games a couple of years after the release, and until GTA VI comes out, this is unlikely to change. Although it is very likely that even the release of the long-awaited sixth part will not be a good reason for the players to abandon the fifth.

One of the reasons for the popularity of GTA V is the freedom of action and the open world in which you can find a bunch of interesting little things if you look around carefully. These are parodic references to American culture, and Easter eggs, and little secrets that are sometimes impossible to find if you don’t know where and what to look for. We present you a selection of the most well-hidden secrets that any true GTA V fan must see at least once.

Roman Red Dead

Red Dead Redemption is sometimes referred to as the “Horse GTA” and indeed there are many similarities between the two open world game series. But what they have in common is that both GTA and RDR are being developed by the same studio. Therefore, it is not surprising that in GTA V there is a reference to this famous brainchild of Rockstar Games.

On some of the bookshelves found in and around Los Santos, the keen eye can discern a book called Red Dead, written by one J. Marston. This is a clear reference to Red Dead Redemption, and many rightly believe that J. Marston is none other than John Marston, one of the protagonists of RDR and RDR 2. If the crazy fan theories that connect the world of GTA and the world of RDR into one universe are true , then John did not live his life in vain, since his book is still being reprinted. It’s just a pity that you can’t read it.

Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise

Thelma & Louise is a film by Ridley Scott about two friends who find themselves outlaws and are about to flee to Mexico. The picture was released in 1991 and managed to win an Oscar and popularity with the audience, and many also first introduced Brad Pitt, who was then a little-known actor.

If you are lucky enough to fly by helicopter near Raton Canyon between 7 and 8 pm, you will be able to see one of the main scenes of the film, recreated in the game. The main thing is not to fly past, and then right in front of your eyes, two women, cornered by the police, will rush in their car towards the cliff. Just like in the movie.

Ghost Jolyne

Ghost Jolyne

Many GTA V fans are aware of the existence of this secret, but not all of them have seen it in person, given where it is located. If you climb Mount Gordo between 11 a.m. and midnight, you can see the ghost of a woman killed by her own husband.

It’s not the safest place to walk because the locals can kill you instantly, but seeing a ghost with your own eyes is worth the climb. On the stones you can even see the word “Jock”, written in blood, this is the name of the woman’s husband, Jock Cranly, who, according to rumors, pushed the unfortunate woman off the cliff.

familiar jacket

Jacket from Drive

Drive is a 2011 film starring Ryan Gosling as a driver on the run. Here you have action, and crime, and chases – it is not surprising that in the game, where there is everything the same, there was a reference to this film beloved by many.

Go to a cheap clothing store in Blaine County and take a look at the assortment. Among other wardrobe items you will find the Champagne Driver Blouson, a white jacket with black trim and a golden crab on the back. Yes, Gosling’s character wore a slightly different one, but even without 100% similarity, it is clear that this is a reference to this particular film.

whale skeleton

whale skeleton

There are many unusual things hidden on the map of GTA V. Ghosts, mysterious murders, flying saucers – if you decide to take a break from crime and explore the area, you will have something to see.

One of the most unusual local attractions is the skeleton of a giant whale, which can be found at the bottom of the ocean if you go underwater off the coast of Banham Canyon. At first, the players thought that this was the skeleton of a sea monster, but in the end it became clear that the bones belonged to a whale. Yes, maybe there was nothing mysterious in these bones, but a giant skeleton under water is still an interesting find.

Playboy Founder’s Mansion

Playboy Mansion

GTA V has a variety of houses, some more modest, some richer, some pretentious, some quite simple. But one building stands out from the crowd in that it is a fairly accurate copy of the famous mansion from real life.

Near the Los Santos golf club, you can find a building that is almost identical to the notorious Hugh Hefner’s mansion. During the day you will not see anything remarkable there, except, perhaps, architecture, but if you come at night, you will fall into one of his famous parties. Quite a suitable easter egg for GTA, given that references to the “adult” theme are found in all games in this series.

Interior of Leicester’s house

Interior of Leicester's house

Lester, as you know, is one of those characters who give you tasks and help you in every possible way to build criminal schemes throughout the game. An equally well-known fact is that Lester is still a nerd, and you can verify this as soon as you cross the threshold of his house.

Among other popular culture references and Easter eggs that abound in the home of a computer genius, there is a poster with a picture of a UFO and the inscription “accept the truth”. This is most likely a reference to a famous poster with similar content that hung in Fox Mulder’s office in The X-Files.

Zombie from Vinewood

Zombie from Vinewood

Many extraordinary personalities live in Los Santos. Some of them play a big role in the plot, some do not participate in it at all, but this makes them no less interesting. For example, Graham is a street speaker, better known as the Vinewood Zombies.

Graham is not a real zombie, but just a man in a suit and makeup, portraying a character from the movie “Vinewood Zombies”, well known in the GTA V universe. This guy does not need your brains, but he will not refuse money: for only 10 dollars, he will allow you to take a joint photo. If you talk to him while playing as Trevor, then Trevor will tell you something about his life and his dead brother – another little secret.

Luke from “Lost”

Luke from Lost

The Lost series itself is full of secrets and easter eggs, for the sake of which especially devoted fans are ready to review it again and again. And although the release of GTA V took place three years after its completion, this did not stop the developers from adding a reference to the misadventures of the survivors on the mysterious island to the game.

Going down under the water off the coast of Sandy Shores, you will find a hatch very similar to the one found by the heroes of the series. The Easter egg is deep underwater, so you’ll need a bathyscaphe to find it.

frozen alien

frozen alien

The fact of the existence of UFOs in GTA V will not surprise anyone. Even those who played, not really delving into what is happening, are aware that several flying saucers can be found in the game. But a UFO is one thing, but what about a real alien, immured in the thickness of the ice?

This easter egg can only be found during the prologue, but most players get too caught up in the action and just drive by, never finding it on their own. So, after a robbery in North Yankton, you get to your car and escape the crime scene by driving along a frozen river. If you stop a little before reaching the bridge over the river, get out of the car and go down to the water, under the surface of the ice you will find the body of an alien.

To drown and freeze on an alien planet – what an absurd fate for a representative of a race that has mastered interstellar flights.

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