Guardians of Cloudia – Mobile MMORPG Coming to iOS and Android in May

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Chinese developers are about to release Guardians of Cloudia mobile game. It is an isometric anime style MMORPG. There are five classes to choose from: archer, mage, swordsman, seer and rogue. They don’t have the most “anime” voices; you can change the gender upon creation. The game is somewhat reminiscent of Bless Mobile, only with colorful graphics. Sometimes there will be QTE moments. The character has pets that have a rarity level (gacha). Boss fights are similar to the ones we’ve seen in mobile MMOs: he has a lot of health, as well as targeted abilities.

The plot and voice acting, by the way, do not add up at all, as it was in the same Blade & Soul Revolution. That is, after the battle with the boss, as well as the self-sacrifice of a cute girl, we begin to fight on a green lawn with cute slugs. In this regard, the project gravitates more towards Ragnarok.

Guardians of Cloudia will be released on May 1, 2021 on iOS and Android, according to the App Store. It will be a shareware project with ads and microtransactions. Pre-registration for both platforms is now available. So far it appears that the game will only have traditional Chinese, although the game has English.

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