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Rome Total War Alexander 9 1 MOBA shooter Paladins has launched a collaboration with the animated series RWBY

The main task is to capture 30 major cities on a meager map. You still need to manage to do everything in 100 moves, otherwise the campaign will count a fatal crash and show the death of Alexander.

stage 1: start

The start is the worst thing in Alexander’s campaign. Indeed, for an unprepared player, the start of the campaign will turn into a collapse in the first 10 moves. It all starts like this. We see the Macedonian faction in front of us, which has only 2 cities – Sparta and Pella. Alexander stands near the capital with a large army. In the east stands Byzantium under the control of Thrace. In the north – Epidamnus under the rule of Illyria. In Asia Minor, next to Halicarnassus, Parmenion sat, surrounded by Persian legions.

We are successfully advancing on Halicarnassus. The army of Parmenion is literally surrounded on all sides. We win back the battle, get the full from the Persians and lose the most valiant commander in history.

Then we discover that the economy is far from all right. From the start we have 10,000 denarii. Already after 1 move, the number of coins decreases, and after 5 – an economic crisis sets in in the country. There is nothing to buy soldiers and nothing to develop cities with. The fleet at sea is safely destroyed by the Persian armada of Admiral Ariaramnes. Alexander is blocked from all sides. But this is not the worst.

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We are making desperate attempts to break through to Byzantium in order to free it from the Thracians. But again the pipe! The Thracians are destroyed by our forces, but after the capture of their city, we get only an insignificant amount of coins and a completely unnecessary city. Moreover, the Illyrians from the north come and lay siege to Epidamnus. As a result, we are not getting out of the economic crisis.

Then we send our Alexander to fight off Epidamnus. The economy, meanwhile, is already sinking below the manhole. In battle, we successfully repel the attack of the Illyrians, but unexpectedly, Alexander dies from enemy arrows. The battle is won, we hope for a continuation of the game … but it does not happen, but a hefty infolist appears with alarming howls about the death of Alexander and the end of the campaign.

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What to do anyway? First you need to return to the starting point. And here again we see before us a miserable Macedonia with a terrible economic crisis and fragmented forces. The most correct decision would be to first raise taxes in the city of Pella, but in Sparta this should not be done, because a careless rise in taxes can lead to a riot.

It would be better for Parmenion to be safely removed from Asia Minor and quickly delivered by ship to Byzantium, the Thracian capital. In 1 move, you should defeat the troops of the local king and capture the capital, significantly replenishing the treasury. Alexander should be sent to Epidamnus. All this must be organized in the first two turns, otherwise you will either get bankrupt or lose the campaign.

Try to carefully use Alexander in battle. When he dies, the campaign ends immediately. In addition, various natural disasters often occur during the campaign. Now somewhere a plague breaks out, then floods, and even earthquakes. Capture Epidamnus, destroying all Illyrian resistance. Do not use autoboy, act only yourself.

After the destruction of Illyria, sack the city or liquidate its population. Then quickly redirect Alexander back to Macedonia. The safest place for him will be the city of Pella. It is not necessary to drag him to all hot spots. Then continue to act with the appearing commanders and General Parmenion.

stage 2: extension

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If you did everything right in the first step, go to the second. By this time, you should already have 4 provinces under control, including Epidamnus and Byzantium. Now proceed with caution. Do not rush to recruit 300,000 warriors. Recruit only the very best, including the cavalry. In cities, build forges and temples that affect the combat capability of troops. Create two small armies. One, led by Parmenion, quickly send on ships to Halicarnassus. Send the other to the east across a small isthmus, which is not far from Byzantium. Do not use Alexandra at all, let him sit in Pella.

Each battle is best played without auto-battle. The first army should arrive at Halicarnassus and capture it as quickly as possible. If the enemy went on a sortie, you need to give him a fight right near the city and try to put his entire army to flight. If reinforcements approached the enemy and gave you a fight, boldly command the Macedonian phalanx and fight back.

Phalangites, hoplites and peltasts will approach the Persian hordes. Release the phalangites ahead, keep the peltasts behind them. Separately form a cavalry brigade with a commander and strike at the rear of the enemy. Against chariots, it is better not to let the cavalry go, but to destroy them with peltasts and spearmen. Mount the enemy infantry on the spears of your phalanx. Do not allow the flight of enemy generals. If everything is done correctly, then Halicarnassus becomes yours, and you get +20,000 resources.

The second army must go into the possession of Scythia. The Scythians, of course, will try to put their identical savages against you. As in the case of the Persians, put forward the phalangites and form cavalry units. Hit enemy commanders with your cavalry. Killing the generals will instantly put all the barbarians to flight. Go towards the city of Tanais and take it by storm. After that, you will have 2 more cities under your control, and at the same time all problems with the economy will disappear.

stage 3: conquest

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If the second stage went off with a bang, then you already have 6 rich cities under your control. Now it’s time for conquest. Everything is much simpler here. You don’t even have to plan a strategy, but just go ahead like a rhinoceros. First, quickly capture Asia Minor, replenishing your treasury along the way. There will be a lot of money, and soon you will have more than 100 thousand resources. In parallel, continue to create troops in the captured cities. You can no longer split your forces into several armies. The army sitting in Tanais, pull out of the city and redirect the ships to the Caucasus. There, quickly take Azara, completely destroying the Scythians and head towards Babylon.

You can randomly shove ahead, destroying the Persians by the thousands. No one will give you here to repeat the real exploits of Alexander. But still, if you have a strategist in you, you can create four combat-ready armies, while equipping them with improved weapons. One of your armies should be sent to Babylon through Syria and the Caucasus. Another is better to send to the conquest of Palestine. The third is recommended to be sent to Egypt, preferably by ships across the sea. The fourth force should follow to Babylon along with the first corps. Thus, you will be able to destroy all the Persians in several regions and capture half of the map.

After the capture of Babylon and Memphis, the economic level will reach unprecedented heights. All that remains to be done is to look at the turn counter and continue to capture all the cities of the Persians to the last. Arriving in Central Asia, you will stumble upon the resistance of the Dahas, brownish naked barbarians, most similar to the crazy Germans. Dahas are as easy to smash as Scythians, Illyrians or Thracians. Use a line of pikemen and form shock cavalry. When the commanders are destroyed, the enemy army will take flight. As soon as you reach the city of Chach, the campaign will most likely stop, because 30 cities will already be captured.

maybe better unofficial addons?

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To be honest, Alexander’s addon came out as a complete anachronism. Terrible gameplay, meager map, unhistorical regions, nightmarish troops and lack of historical events of that time. All you do is tirelessly destroy the Persians and brown savages, divided into 4 factions. At least some joy is caused only by historical battles, and even then they are terribly complex, drawn out and often end in the collapse of the entire army.

Therefore, we strongly recommend trying the fan-made improvements of the original Rome Total War Alexander addon. To begin with, we advise you to download a special fix for the crack that fixes crashes. Thanks to this file, you can completely forget about fatal crashes in the campaign.

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Those who do not like the original addon campaign are advised to download the unofficial versions. Rise of Alexander Light Version allows you to play not only as Macedonia, but also for many other factions, such as Persia, Greek cities, Dakh tribes and the Thracian kingdom. Campaign reliance on Alexander’s life has been removed. All existing factions have been replenished with new units. Added historical textures and models for almost every type of troops. Now you can capture the entire map, including the territory of India.

There is also a second version of the addon (Alexander Reborn), which improves the campaign of the original. There it is possible to play only for 3 factions – Macedonia, Persia and the Union of Dahs. The campaign improves the position of Macedonia from the start, makes it possible to conquer India, adds many new 3D models. The dependency on Alexander’s life has also been removed. It is also worth noting the processing of the economic system and the increase in the power of AI. Now the battles will become even more violent and unforgettable. It is necessary to use all the strategic skill to defeat numerous enemies.

But keep in mind that the campaign tips presented above will no longer be required here. After all, the starting position of the factions is far from hopeless, and the economy is not at all in crisis. So you will have time to develop and think about your own plans. Good luck, strategists!

DOWNLOAD fixDOWNLOAD rise of alexanderDOWNLOAD alexander reborn

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